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Each hint has only 2 valid answers related to #1 songs & acts on the Billboard Hot 100. Enter either answer.

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Can you name one of two...Answer
Bruce Springsteen has never had a solo #1, but he wrote one #1 song and sang on another. Name either one.
Alanis Morissette never had a #1 song on the Hot 100, but two other Canadian females with the initials A.M. did. Name either one (full name).
Female solo acts that had a #1 song called 'Take A Bow'.
#1 Oscar-winning songs from a movie titled 'A Star Is Born'.
#1 songs that namedrop the actress Lucy Liu in the lyrics.
One-word five-letter #1 song titles by a one-word five-letter act.
(Enter either title or either artist.)
#1 songs from a 'Batman' movie.
Words that complete #1 song titles ending with ' ____ In A Bottle'.
#1 hits from a Sylvester Stallone boxing movie.
Partners (one male, one female) with whom Barbra Streisand had a #1 duet.
Artists who had a #1 song where the title referenced the city of Philadelphia.
First names of a male solo artist with the last name Preston to have a #1 song.
Solo acts with multiple #1 hits who were NOT members of their siblings' band that ALSO had multiple #1 hits. (Full name of solo act required)
Female artists to share credit on a #1 song by Maroon 5.
Artist to have a #1 song title that included the word 'Horse'.
#1 song titles by Whitney Houston where the last word is 'All'.
#1 song titles to namedrop a major classical composer in the title.

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