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Name the top 30 most viewed (and selected other) TV series of 1967, based on a description of one episode.

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1Aunt Bee (Francis Bavier), Opie (Ronnie Howard), and even Andy all learn a valuable lesson about putting on airs.
2Needing new accounts, Lucy visits Jack Benny to convince him to keep his money at the bank. Mr. Mooney: Gale Gordon
3Lou Ann's father and ex-fiancé come to town, and her father tries to persuade her to discard Gomer (Jim Nabors). Sgt. Carter: Frank Sutton
4With a well earned vacation disturbed by the arrest of a hardened criminal, Marshall Dillon (James Arness) and Miss Kitty (Amanda Blake) head back to Dodge.
5Buffy (Anissa Jones) and Jody (Johnnie Whitaker) want to know where babies come from. Bill: Brian Keith, Mr French: Sebastian Cabot
6Fifteen years after Ben's (Lorne Greene) testimony sent a man to the gallows, his son shows up in Virginia City proclaiming his father's innocence in song. Little Joe: Michael Landon
7Freddie the Freeloader helps an amnesiac (George Gobel). Red plays a street sweeper who's obsessed with neatness. The Four Seasons sing a medley from 'The Sound of Music'.
8Bing Crosby joins Dean on a medley of Al Jolson songs. Dom DeLuise plays an unbearably courteous caddy who tries the patience of golfers Bing and Dean
9Jackie's guests include Groucho Marx, Tina Louise and Frank Fontaine as Crazy Guggenheim.
11Endora (Agnes Moorehead) babysits Tabitha, but has to leave for a party. She finds a perfect babysitter -- in a toy that she brings to life! Sam: Elizabeth Montgomery, Darrin: Dick York
12Jethro (Max Baer Jr.) tells Jed (Buddy Ebsen) that he has inherited a castle in England, after hearing the word from Drysdale. Granny: Irene Ryan
13Guests include The Doors ('Light My Fire'), Yul Brynner, Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme, comedians Flip Wilson & Rodney Dangerfield, & a Swedish act who speed-skate in a 6-ft circle.
14At the Shiloh ranch, Jim Horn (Tim Matheson) becomes involved with a roving saloon singer who had a similar involvement with Trampas (Doug McClure) three years earlier.
16Lisa (Eva Gabor) is glad to give away Oliver's (Eddie Albert) entire wardrobe to a charity, but can't part with any of her dresses. Mr. Haney: Pat Buttram
17'Salute to the Dorsey Brothers' with performances by the Lennon Sisters, accordionist Myron Floren and Champagne Lady Norma Zimmer.
18Tom and Dick's guests include actress Janet Leigh, pop singer Bobbie Gentry and legendary folk singer Pete Seeger.
19Mark (Clint Howard) befriends the daughter of an alligator poacher that Tom (Dennis Weaver) is looking for. Ben: Bruno the Bear
21Dick & Dan welcome guests Kaye Ballard & Richard Dawson along with regulars Arte Johnson, Ruth Buzzi & Goldie Hawn
Rank in ratingsSeriesEpisode description
22The Case Of The Expatriate Traitor: Steven Thomas Ramsey-Espionage. Inspector Erskine (Efram Zimbalist Jr.) posing as a communist courier, uncovers a plot to steal missile data.
24Robbie (Don Grady) oversleeps on the day of his wedding to Katie (Tina Cole), sending Steve (Fred MacMurray), Chip (Stanley Livingston) & Ernie (Barry Livingston) into a frenzy.
25A look at the making of 'The Jungle Book', includes interviews with the animators and songwriters Robert & Richard Sherman.
26After being paralyzed from the waist down when shot, a Chief of Detectives (Raymond Burr) forms a special team of detectives.
27Carol and guest Liza Minnelli sing 'Just In Time'. Carol, Vicki Lawrence & Harvey Korman spoof 'Star Trek'.
28Sgt. Friday (Jack Webb) and Gannon (Harry Morgan) are introduced to a new drug called LSD when they meet a young man who has a blue-painted face chewing the bark off a tree.
29Daniel (Fess Parker) and Mingo (Ed Ames)have their furs stolen and in order to recover them they have to pit river pirates against each other.
30The intrepid collie becomes the protector for a cougar, mistakenly shot as the ranch's maurauder, while Corey (Robert Bray) joins Carol (Merry Anders) on her surveys.
Bonus ⅰJim's (Robert Conrad) trip to a barbershop results in his being captured by Dr. Loveless (Michael Dunn). Artemis Gordon: Ross Martin
Bonus ⅱThe Gestapo gets a female to pry information out of Sgt. Schultz (John Banner). Hogan: Bob Crane, Newkirk: Richard Dawson
Bonus ⅲAfter 99 (Barbara Feldon) foils a KAOS plot to kill the Chief (Edward Platt) in his hospital room, Max (Don Adams) and 99 continue to investigate the agents behind the DRY-UP caper.
Bonus ⅳDick (Richard Benjamin) and Paula (Paula Prentiss) buy their apartment building but regret it when the tenants complain constantly. Oscar: Jack Cassidy
Bonus ⅴThe Robot is pitted against a supercomputer in an effort to save Don (Mark Goddard) and Dr. Smith (Jonathan Harris). Will: Bill Mumy
Bonus ⅵMajor Nelson (Larry Hagman) and Major Healy (Bill Daly) are assigned to be in a film about a day in the life of the average astronaut. Jeannie (Barbara Eden) gets a job as a script girl.
Bonus ⅶMichael (Michael Nesmith) casts his wool hat into the ring to stop a crooked construction tycoon from turning the city into parking lots. Davy: Davy Jones
Bonus ⅷBarney (Greg Morris) and Jim (Peter Graves) fake an elevator crash to 'blind' a heroin importer, then Rollin (Martin Landau) impersonates his smuggling partner.
Bonus ⅸThe Penquin (Burgess Meredith) kidnaps Barbara Gordon (Yvonne Craig) and plans on marrying her. Robin: Burt Ward
Bonus ⅹAfter helping a pelican on the beach, Sister Bertrille (Sally Field) has to cope with a lovesick bird.

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