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Can you name the following facts about the city of Toronto?

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City name (& county) when founded in 1792
Nearest large body of water
Tallest freestanding structure in city
NHL team
NBA team
Current home to above two teams
MLB team
CFL team
Current home to above two teams
MLS team
Home to above team
All of what 6-character codes in Toronto start with 'M'?
Name of downtown railway terminus
Largest international airport serving Toronto
Name of public transit system (bus / subway / streetcar
Name of public transit system (rail)
Longest north/south street in the city (and the world)
Time zone
Current mayor
Telephone area code
Telephone area code
Official language
Structure seen in picture above
Toronto band known for 'Tom Sawyer'
Toronto band known for 'One Week'
Toronto-born singer, 'Heart Of Gold'
Largest circulation Toronto newspaper
Toronto-born actor, 'The Sound Of Music'
Toronto-born actor, 'Austin Powers' movies
Toronto-born director, 'The Fly' & 'Dead Ringers
Toronto-born co-creator of Superman
2008-09 CTV/CBS cop show about Toronto's 'Strategic Response Unit'
2001-present CTV/TeenNick/MuchMusic series set in a fictional Toronto high school
Toronto-born rapper ('Best I Ever Had') who appeared in above series
Largest religious denomination
Canadian PM born in Toronto in 1897
Eponym of Toronto's largest airport
Canadian PM born in Toronto in 1959

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