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Can you name the comic book series chosen as the best collective runs by a writer or writer/artist team?

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The (#) after points is # of first place votes the run received. NOTE: Many of these do not fall into the "superhero" genre. Series needed more than 12 issues to qualify, so min-series like Watchmen, Dark Knight or Crisis On Infinite Earths did not qualify.
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Rank. (W)riter & (A)rtist(s) Comic BookPoints
1. (W) Neil Gaiman & (A) P. Craig Russell/ Sam Kieth/ Mike Dringenberg/ Malcolm Jones III/ Kelley Jones/ Jill Thompson/ Marc Hempel/ Michael Zulli/ Charles Vess, et al1375 (45)
2. (W) Chris Claremont & (W/A) John Byrne with (Inker)Terry Austin1233 (39)
3. (W) Alan Moore & (A) Stephen R. Bissette with John Totleben/ Rick Veitch, et al1184 (27)
4. (W) Stan Lee and (W/A) Jack Kirby863 (29)
5. (W) Brian K. Vaughan, (A) Pia Guerra and Jose Marzan855 (23)
6. (W) Stan Lee and (A) Steve Ditko849 (24)
7. (W/A) Frank Miller and Klaus Janson838 (17)
8. (W) Grant Morrison & (A) Tony Daniel, et al.830 (27)
9. (W) Garth Ennis and (A) Steve Dillon792 (22)
10. (W/A) Walter Simonson701 (16)
11. (W) James Robinson and (A) Tony Harris/ Peter Snejbjerg637 (22)
12. (W) Grant Morrison & (A) Howard Porter/ Christopher Priest607 (7)
13. (W) Grant Morrison & (A) Frank Quitely/ Ethan Van Sciver/ Igor Kordey584 (9)
14. (W) Marv Wolfman and (W/A)George Perez560 (13)
15. (W) Chris Claremont & (A) Dave Cockrum/ Paul Smith, et al533 (14)
16. (W) Brian Michael Bendis and (A) Alex Maleev514 (7)
17. (W) Brian Michael Bendis & (A) Mark Bagley, Stuart Immonen et al501 (6)
18. (W) Geoff Johns & (A) Ethan Van Sciver, Carlos Pacheco, Ivan Reis/ Doug Mahnke.498 (11)
19. (W) Warren Ellis and (A) John Cassaday489 (8)
20. (W) Keith Giffen & J.M. DeMatteis and (A) Kevin Maguire/ Ty Templeton/ Adam Hughes474 (8)
21. (W) Joss Whedon and (A) John Cassaday463 (8)
22. (W) Ed Brubaker & (A) Steve Epting/ Mike Perkins, et al445 (8)
23. (W) Grant Morrison & (A) Chas Truog/ Tom Grummett393 (6)
24. (W/A) John Byrne381 (4)
25. (W) Garth Ennis & (A) Leandro Fernandez/ Goran Parlov, et al380 (5)
26. (W) Peter David & (A) Dale Keown/ Todd McFarlane/ Jeff Purves, et al365 (7)
27. (W) Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha358 (4)
28. (W) Robert Kirkman, (A) Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard351 (0)
29. (W) Kurt Busiek and (W/A) George Perez342 (6)
30. (W) Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker, (A) Michael Lark340 (8)
31. (W) Warren Ellis, (A) Darick Robertson and Rodney Ramos336 (6)
32. (W) Grant Morrison & (A) Richard Case, et al333 (8)
33. (W) Jason Aaron and (A) R.M. Guera289 (4)
34. (W) Brian K. Vaughan and (A) Adrian Alphona272 (6)
35. (W) Mark Millar and (A) Bryan Hitch265 (2)
36. (W) Mark Waid & (A) Greg LaRoque/ Mike Wieringo, et al263 (6)
37. (W) Stan Lee and (A) John Romita262 (3)
38. (W) Alan Moore & (A) Alan Davis/ Rick Veitch, et al254 (6)
39. (W/A) Mike Mignola247 (6)
40. (W/A) Los Bros Hernandez231 (8)
41. (W/A) Jeff Smith230 (2)
42. (W) Roger Stern & (A) John Buscema with (Inker) Tom Palmer et al228 (4)
43. (W) Brian Azzarello and (A) Eduardo Risso226 (5)
44. (W) Roger Stern and (A) John Romita Jr.214 (1)
45. (W) Grant Morrison & (A) Steve Yeowell/ Phil Jimenez/ Jill Thompson, et al204 (4)
46. (W/A) Dave Sim and (A) Gerhard203 (10)
47. (W) Paul Levitz, (W/A) Keith Giffen and (A) Larry Mahlstedt201 (5)
48. (W) Kurt Busiek and (A) Brent Anderson198 (2)
49. (W) Peter David & (A) Paolo Raimondi/ Leonard Kirk/ Valentine De Landro, et al189 (2)
50. (W) Brian K. Vaughan and (A) Tony Harris184 (0)

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