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Can you name the words, names or terms that contain the letter 'X' twice?

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Fajitas are a common menu offering
in this type of restaurant
Patty Duke and this actor/singer have both received Oscars for playing blind characters
In 2004, drug company Merck withdrew this brand-name pain & arthritis medication over concern of increased heart-attack risks
In the Cartesian coordinate system,
this line extends horizontally
This company, whose name comes from the Greek for 'dry', so dominated the industry that their name became a synonym for photocopying
This actual Persian King, known as 'the Great',
is a character in the film '300'
Declared dead after a heroin overdose, this Mötley Crüe bassist was revived by cardiac adrenaline injections,
inspiring the song 'Kickstart My Heart'
Number of the US Highway Route that inspired a song covered by Nat 'King' Cole,
the Rolling Stones and Depeche Mode
Two-word definition of adultery
This Pope, who held office from 1958 to 1963,
is so far the last to qualify for this quiz
XX-Rated ClueXX-Rated Answer
These secluded seating areas in arenas and stadia, usually held by corporations, are exempt from revenue sharing in the NFL
French term that restaurants use to describe a single charge for all courses in a meal,
it's the opposite of 'À la carte'
Tradename of Alprazolam, a medication that is used to treat anxiety disorders and panic attacks
In the US, churches have this status,
with regard to the Internal Revenue Service
In 2005, hackers stole information
on millions of credit cards accounts
from this US department store chain
Author of the jogger's bible 'The Complete Book of Running', he died of a heart attack in 1984. While jogging.
In 1972, Standard Oil of New Jersey
was rebranded to this name
Chocolate-flavored bowel-stimulating tablets that have been on the market for over 100 years
Microsoft's sixth-generation video game console
High-end line of salon hair care products that 'take your hair to the next level' & include Pro-Mend and Dualiste

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