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Can you name the classic animated film based on a Four Word (or less) Film Review?

Featured Oct 4, 2009

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ReviewAnimated filmYear
The Mirror predicts Snow.1937
You're a knotty boy!1940
Mickey sweeps to stardom.1940
Disney makes a buck.1942
Shoe must go on!1950
This is spaniel, Tramp!1955
Prince braves morning breath.1959
Animation 101.1961
Rhythm and Baloo.1967
Water Beatles.1968
All Cat Jazz!1970
Bakshi's kitty porn.1972
My Best Friend's Webbing.1973
Micey Orphan Power Rangers.1977
Party of Fievel.1986
'Incredible Journey' for appliances.1987
Tetsuo experiences growing pains.1988
ReviewAnimated filmYear
Bread, jobs 'n' broomsticks.1989
Flock of sea-gals.1989
Heaven Can(ine) Wait.1989
Saved by the Belle.1991
From Rugs to Riches.1992
Today's Gnus: Mufasa trampled.1994
Former Forrest now Woody.1995
Lass Of The Mohicans?1995
Broad Pit.1996
Olympian shows bronzed mettle.1997
Ant elopes.1998
Disney's Chinatoon1998
Flik flick.1998
The Toon Commandments.1998
Big Fe ET.1999
Jane falls for swinger.1999
Parents dis cussing kids.1999
Two infinity and beyond!1999

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