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Woodlands where 🍁maples🍁 grow wild; Canada has about 9% of the world's total
Not prone to bragging, like most Canadians
Sir John A. Macdonald: Architect of _____ Canada
To run the country, like Justin Trudeau's Liberals.
Where you might order a Crown Royal or an ice wine
Nickname for the root vegetable that grows in the red soil of P.E.I.
How American beer tastes to Canadians
Chardonnay factory, like those in the Niagara-on-the-Lake
Coal diggers, like Cape Breton's The Men of the Deeps
Motorcyclists, like Ontario's Satan's Choice, or Quebec's Rock Machine
Where to buy Nanaimo bars, butter tarts or Bumbleberry pie
By a small margin, like how the 'No's won Quebec's 1995 independence referendum
Rings of cooked dough, the best of which are made in Montreal's delis
Pale beers, like Molson Canadian or Labatt Blue.
Condiment made from flower buds that goes great with Canadian salmon
By 2018, all new Canadian cars will require a rear-view one of these
B.C.-born (on Canada Day, 1967!) actress, ______ Anderson
Groups of experts, like those that choose the Governor General's Awards
Man-made waterways, like the Rideau in Ottawa and the St Lawrence Seaway
Country whose flag includes a 🍁maple leaf🍁

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