Fill in the 'B' Words

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Can you name the missing words from these titles or names, all of which begin with the letter 'B'?

Updated May 3, 2013

How to Play
Clue'B' Word
Wind _______ My Wings
(Bette Midler song)
We ______ Together
(Mariah Carey song)
____ In The U.S.A.
(Springsteen song / album)
The Big ____ Theory
(TV series)
_____: Cultural Learnings of America
for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
We _____ This City
(Starship song)
Every ______ You Take
(Police song)
Ace Of ____
(Swedish pop band, 'The Sign')
The Bad News _____
(Sports movie)
Cry, the _______ Country
(Book / Movie)
The _______ Hillbillies
(60s sitcom )
Another _____ In The Wall
(Pink Floyd song)
_________ At Tiffany's
(Movie / Book / Song)
Hootie & The ________
('Let Her Cry' band)
_______ 5
(Sci-Fi TV series)
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking _______
______ Legal
(TV drama series)
_____ Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
(Paul Newman movie)
_________ Ladies
('One Week' pop band)
_____ Instinct
(Stone/Douglas movie)
Bob Seger & the Silver _____ Band
(Band name)
The Red _____ of Courage
(Book / Movie)
Murphy _____
(TV sitcom)
_____ Davis Eyes
(Kim Carnes song)
She _______ Me With Science
(Thomas Dolby song)
____ A Move
(Young MC song)
_____ Jean
(Michael Jackson song)
Clue'B' Word
_______ Spears
('Womanizer' singer)
For Whom the ____ Tolls
(Book / Movie / Song)
Another One _____ The Dust
(Queen song)
Mutiny on the ______
(Gable, Brando or Gibson movie)
The Fresh Prince of ___-___
(TV series)
_____ Eyed Peas
('Where is the Love' band)
Prison _____
(TV series)
_______ Saddles
(Mel Brooks movie)
The _______
(John, Paul, George & Ringo)
Pet Shop ____
('West End Girls' band)
Harvey _______, Attorney at Law
(Adult Swim cartoon)
Grosse Pointe _____
(John Cusack movie)
Sunday, ______ Sunday
(Movie / U2 song)
Raspberry _____
(Prince song)
Wake Me Up ______ You Go-Go
(Wham song)
_____ Runner
(Sci-fi movie)
The ______ on the River Kwai
(David Lean movie)
Ferris _______'s Day Off
(John Hughes movie)
Justin ______
('Baby' singer )
Bell ___ DeVoe
('Poison', 'Do Me' band)
The Star Spangled ______
(US anthem)
____ Nye, the Science Guy
(TV series)
________ Love
(Leona Lewis song)
North __ Northwest
(Hitchcock movie)
Don't Stop ____________
(Journey song)
The Jungle ____
(Kipling book, Disney movie)
_____ the Vampire Slayer
(TV series / Movie)
Clue'B' Word
________ Rhapsody
(Queen song)
The Notorious _._._.
('Mo Money No Problems' rapper)
______ and Butt-Head
(MTV cartoon)
New Kids On The _____
(80s boy band)
Ice Ice ____
(Vanilla Ice song)
The Empire Strikes ____
(Star Wars episode)
___ Romance
(Lady Gaga song)
Hill Street _____
(TV cop series)
______ and Clyde
(Beatty/Dunaway movie)
I _______ I Can Fly
(R Kelly song)
Ludwig van _________
(German classical composer, 'Ode to Joy')
Raging ____
(Robert De Niro movie)
Pinky and the _____
(TV cartoon series)
____: Pig in the City
(Children's movie)
Madame ________
(Puccini opera set in Japan)
Leave It to ______
(TV series)
Seven ______ for Seven Brothers
(Movie / Musical)
_____ John Malkovich
___ Jovi
('Living on a Prayer' band)
Invasion of the ____ Snatchers
(Horror movie)
___ Gees
('Stayin' Alive' band)
Hit Me With Your ____ Shot
(Pat Benatar song)
They Might __ Giants
(Band / Movie)
__________ Galactica
(Sci-Fi TV series)
Genie In A ______
(Christine Aguilera song)
Beauty And The _____
(Movie / Song / Fable)
Boulevard Of ______ Dreams
(Green Day song)

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