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Can you name the words starting with the letter 'D' that complete these names or titles?

Quiz Updated May 7, 2012

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____ Soup
Marx Brothers movie
Punch-_____ Love
Adam Sandler movie
____ of a Salesman
Arthur Miller play
Let's Make a ____
Long-running TV game show
_________ Housewives
TV series, 2004-12
Walt ______ World
Orlando theme park
____ Moore
Actress, 'Ghost'
Arrested ___________
Michael Cera sitcom
______ Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Sandra Bullock movie
Moby ____
Herman Melville novel
When ____ Cry
Prince & the Revolution song
Field of ______
Kevin Costner movie
Million ______ Baby
Hilary Swank movie
In __ Club
50 Cent track
_____ Hall & John Oates
70s/80s music duo
All The Young _____
Mott the Hoople song
_______ Adams
'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' author
____ of the Dead
1978 horror film
_____ Midnight Runners
'Come On Eileen' band
The Safety _____
Men Without Hats song
The Walking ____
Horror comic & AMC-TV series
Signed, Sealed, _________ (I'm Yours)
Stevie Wonder song
________ 1963 (Oh, What A Night)
Four Seasons 1976 song
_____ Day Care
Eddie Murphy movie
_____ Chicks
Female country music trio
_______ Queen
ABBA classic
_____ Keaton
Actress: 'Annie Hall'
Fats ______
50s Rock & roll pianist, 'Blueberry Hill'
The _____ Of Hazzard
TV series & movie
The Hunchback of Notre ____
Victor Hugo book
Dumb & ______
Jim Carrey movie
Arthur Conan _____
Sherlock Holmes author
________ Mode
'Enjoy The Silence' band
_____ Parton
Country singer, actress
_________, The Man Without Fear
Marvel comic book / movie
Bobby _____
'Mack the Knife' singer
The _____ Wears Prada
Meryl Streep movie
_______ Abbey
2010 ITV/PBS serial drama
_______ Believer
The Monkees song
_____ Harry
1971 movie, Clint Eastwood
The Little _______ Boy
Christmas carol
Big Girls ____ Cry
Fergie or Four Seasons song
Paradise By The _________ Light
1977 Meat Loaf track
Hey There _______
Plain White T's song
____ Martin
Rat Pack singer & actor
Charles _______
Author: 'A Christmas Carol', 'Great Expectations'
____'____ Strokes
TV sitcom, Gary Coleman
_____ _____
'Hungry Like The Wolf', 'Rio', 'The Reflex'
Teach Me How To ______
Cali Swag District track
Dog ___ Afternoon
1976 Al Pacino movie
Three ___ Night
'Joy To The World' band
High Plains _______
Clint Eastwood western
____ John
Channing Tatum chick flick
______ Reynolds
Actress: 'Singin' in the Rain'
Yankee ______ Dandy
1942 James Cagney film
Panic! At the _____
'I Write Sins Not Tragedies' band
Guys and _____
1950 Broadway musical
Bob _____
Singer: 'Like a Rolling Stone', 'Blowing in the Wind'
_____ Winger
Actress: 'Terms of Endearment'
____ Side of the Moon
Pink Floyd album
_____ Ross & the Supremes
'You Can't Hurry Love' singers
Pushing _______
Kristin Chenowith 2007-09 TV series
Afternoon ______
Starland Vocal Band song
_____ and the Dominos
'Layla' band
Bette _____
Actress: 'All About Eve'
______ Indemnity
Billy Wilder-directed movie
The Dirty _____
1967 WW2 film, Lee Marvin
Neil _______
'Sweet Caroline' singer
_______'s Child
Beyoncé, Michelle Williams & Kelly Rowland
The Great ________
Charlie Chaplin movie
Crash Test _______
'Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm' band
______ Trump
'The Celebrity Apprentice' host
Steely ___
70s band, 'Reeling In the Years'
______ Hopper
Actor, 'Speed', 'Easy Rider'
Say Yes To The _____
TLC reality series
Coal Miner's ________
Sissy Spacek movie
Thomas _____
'She Blinded Me With Science' singer
____ Yankees
Broadway musical
____ Under
Men At Work song
How To Train Your ______
2010 animated film
______ Radcliffe
'Harry Potter' actor
_________ Liaisons
1988 movie, Glenn Close, John Malkovich
______ Hoffman
Actor: 'Tootsie', 'Rain Man'
_____ Letterman
'The Late Show' TV host
Céline ____
'My Heart Will Go On' singer
Rolling In The ____
Adele song
________ Steel
Prolific romance novelist
__ Strangelove:
Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
__ The Right Thing
Spike Lee movie
Snoop ____
Drop It Like It's Hot rapper
____ In The Wind
Song by Kansas
___ Leppard
'Pour Some Sugar On Me' band
Guess Who's Coming to ______
1967 Hepburn/Tracy/Poitier movie
Sliding _____
Gwyneth Paltrow movie
Taxi ______
Robert De Niro movie
Dick Van ____
Actor, comedian: 'Mary Poppins'
John ______
'Sunshine On My Shoulders' singer
A Streetcar Named ______
Tennessee Williams play
_____ Summer
'Bad Girls', 'Hot Stuff' singer
The _____ of Anne Frank
Holocaust book, movie

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