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Can you name the SONGS OR ORIGINAL ARTISTS in the embedded clip performed by Alex Chadwick at Chicago Music Exchange?

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100 Riffs - A Brief History of Rock (The original video from Chicago Music Exchange is linked below.)
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TimeSongArtist (Year/Key)
0:00Chet Atkins (1953/A)
0:07Johnny Cash (1955/E)
0:12Buddy Holly (1957/A)
0:19Chuck Berry (1958/A)
0:25Link Wray (1958/E)
0:35Eddie Cochran (1958/E)
0:41The Chantays (1962/E)
0:48Dick Dale (1962/E)
0:53Surfaris (1963/B)
0:56The Beatles (1965/E)
1:03The Who (1965/B)
1:07The Rolling Stones (1965/E)
1:14Jimi Hendrix (1967/E)
1:22Santana (1968/D)
(originally Fleetwood Mac)
1:29The Beatles (1968/E)
1:40Fleetwood Mac (1969/E)
1:45Cream (1969/A)
1:48Led Zeppelin (1969/E)
1:54Black Sabbath (1970/E)
2:02Creedence Clearwater Revival (1970/G)
2:09James Gang (1970/A)
2:14Led Zeppelin (1970/F#)
2:18Rolling Stones (1971/A)
2:24Derek and the Dominos (1971/Eb)
2:32Alice Cooper (1972/Eb)
2:39Deep Purple (1973/G)
2:45Pink Floyd (1973/B)
2:52Allman Brothers (1973/A)
2:59ZZ Top (1973/A)
3:04T. Rex (1973/E)
3:08Grateful Dead (1974/B)
3:13Lynyrd Skynyrd (1974/E)
3:16Aerosmith (1975/E)
3:20Queen (1975/Eb - C)
3:27Ted Nugent (1975/A)
3:32Thin Lizzy (1976/B)
3:39Blue Oyster Cult (1976/A)
3:45Kansas (1976/A)
3:50The Ramones (1976/A)
3:56Heart (1977/E)
4:03Van Halen (1978/Eb)
4:12Dire Straits (1978/A)
4:25The Police (1979/C#)
4:32Neil Young (1979/A)
4:41AC/DC (1980/E)
4:46Ozzy Osbourne (1980/F#)
4:52Rush (1980/E)
4:56Stevie Ray Vaughan (1983/E)
5:04Yes (1983/A)
5:09Dio (1983/C)
TimeSongArtist (Year/Key)
5:14Michael Jackson (guitar: Eddie Van Halen) (1983/E)
5:21Van Halen (1984/A)
5:27The Smiths (1984/B)
5:34Bruce Springsteen (1985/A)
5:41Dire Straits (1985/G)
5:49Bon Jovi (1986/C)
5:55REM (1987/E)
6:02U2 (1987/D)
6:10Guns N' Roses (1987/E)
6:22Guns N' Roses (1987/E)
6:28Motley Crue (1987/D)
6:35Living Colour (1988/G)
6:44Motley Crue (1989/D)
6:54Tom Petty (1989/E)
7:01Camper Van Beethoven(1989/D)
(originally Status Quo)
7:09AC/DC (1989/B)
7:21Black Crowes (1990/G)
7:33Eric Johnson (1990/E)
7:38Metallica (1991/E)
7:46Alice in Chains (1991/E)
8:00Nirvana (1991/F)
8:09Red Hot Chili Peppers (1991/D)
8:18Pearl Jam (1991/D)
8:26Soundgarden (1991/D)
8:35Rage Against the Machine (1992/D)
8:47Stone Temple Pilots (1993/E)
8:53Lenny Kravitz (1993/E)
8:57Green Day (1994/E)
9:02Toadies (1995/E)
9:10Weezer (1995/E)
9:16Smashing Pumpkins (1996/E)
9:20Foo Fighters (1997/B)
9:26Marcy Playground (1997/D)
9:32Santana (1999/A)
9:41Red Hot Chili Peppers (1999/F)
9:50Cake (2001/D)
9:59The Shins (2003/E)
10:06White Stripes (2003/E)
10:22Muse (2003/A)
10:31The Darkness (2003/F#)
10:38Mastodon (2004/D)
10:44Jet (2004/A)
10:49The Strokes (2004/B)
10:55Franz Ferdinand (2004/E)
11:01Modest Mouse (2004/F#)
11:11White Stripes (2005/G)
11:23Green Day (2005/F)
11:29The Raconteurs (2006/Bb)
11:37Black Keys (2008/E)
11:50St. Vincent (2011/F#)

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