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Can you name the superheroes who lost their letters?

Updated Mar 8, 2012

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Lost letterSuperheroClue
A +He neither trimmed NOR REGREW his beard and mustache, as it made him look like Robin Hood.
B +He may not be the Man of Steel, but he's at least the Boy of IRON.
C +Some think HE RULES in Olympia but he's merely a demi-god.
D +Do not accept BOOTLEGS OR imitations: He's the original Justice Leaguer from the future!
E +He looked terrible in yellow & black but now has a VALID RED costume.
F +Don't tell the planet-eater's SERVER I SLUR his master.
G +He may move slower THAN WIMPS but he's still faster than most vegetation.
H +With her power to affect probability, she can even make a CLAW TRISECT.
I +Despite its title, Jaden Smith's film is not a
DARK TAKE on the life of this Legionnaire.
J +When he couldn't shrink, d'ya think Thor ever told him to 'Fetch me a TOWEL, LACKEY'?
K +Even a single syllable of his voice can cause damage, so be glad he has a BLAB CLOT.
L +Although he went to a school for mutants,
there was NO REVIEW of his attendance.
M +He's probably SPRAINED his arms often,
swinging around New York.
Lost letterSuperheroClue
N +I'd keep my PAWS off his cape if I were you. Seriously.
O +Even if you DO PLEAD for your life, he might shoot you anyhow. Yeah, he will.
P +While his birth family name is 'El', he took his adoptive parent's SURNAME.
Q +'I'm fast, but a lousy cook. When it comes to frying LIVER, I SUCK' said the Avenger.
R +After a hard-fought battle, this elemental/android could use a DEODORANT.
S +He can travel at least HALF the speed of light.
T +He can only perform minor transmutations, so he can't really turn you into TAPIOCA MAN.
U +The actress who played this X-Man is now in a cable show with plenty of GORE.
V +He's not from some MARTIAN PLACE --
he's a Kree warrior!
W +She was born where they worship Greek Gods.
It was not a ROMAN-OWNED island.
X +She died (often) IN HOPE of saving her fellow X-Men.
Y +As a superpower, shooting arrows is pretty WEAK, EH?
Z +He really uses another name.
This answer is just A MASH-up acronym derived from various mythologies.

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