Most Frequent JEOPARDY! Categories

Name the categories that have appeared most often on Jeopardy! (according to the J! Archive)

#CategorySample responses or clue
94The name of this birthstone is from the Latin for 'red' (What is 'ruby'?)
92Who is Spiro Agnew?
What is the French & Indian War?
85What is Topeka? What is Juneau?
81What is Kodak? What is Del Monte?
80(General category, not confined to any topic. 'Rotten pot' in French)
79What is the McKenzie River?
What are the Andes?
78Who is Attila?
What is the Inquisition?
77What is San Francisco?
What is Amarillo?
75Who is Fillmore? Who is Ford?
75Who are the Boston Celtics?
Who is Rafael Nadal?
75What are tadpoles?
What is a mastodon?
72What is Caracas? What is Accra?
69What is Shia? What is Wiccan?
69What is Crete?
What is Puerto Rico?
68What is Brigham Young?
What is Rice?
68What is Maracaibo?
What is the Bosporus?
66Who are the Bourbons?
What is Rhodesia?
64What is Prison Break?
What is My Two Dads?
64Who is Banquo?
What is The Tempest?
64Who is Scout Finch?
Who is Robert Langdon?
62What is Lake Mead?
What is Pikes Peak?
62Who is Sartre?
Who is Harriet Beecher Stowe?
60What is Tosca?
Who is Donizetti?
60What is Memorial Day? What is Happy Days Are Here Again?
59What is a private jet?
What is a canoe?
58Who is Suri Cruise?
Who is Rupert Murdoch?
58Who is Isaac Newton?
Who is Idi Amin?
57Who is Martin Luther King?
What is the Louisiana Purchase?
57What is Lombard?
What is Afrikaans?
57Who is Nijinsky?
What is The Nutcracker?
56Who is Judas? What is Exodus?
55What is vegemite? What is roughy?
55What is The Thinker?
Who is Monet?
#CategorySample responses or clue
55What is Roots?
Who is Herman Melville?
54What is true blue?
What is near beer?
52What is District 9?
What is Pretty In Pink?
52Who is Roy Orbison?
What is Pokerface?
52What is the National Portrait Gallery?
What is Uffizi?
52What is the Tropic of Cancer?
What is Belarus?
52What is The Golden Compass?
Who is Sue Grafton?
51What is Guernica? Who is El Greco?
50What is Mother's Day?
What is Kwanzaa?
49Bermuda Rolfe was the 1st English girl born on this island
(What is Bermuda?)
49Who is Abner Doubleday?
Who is Amelia Earhart?
49What is the summer solstice?
What is Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade?
48What is Lagos?
What is Rio de Janeiro?
48What is a stegasaurus?
What is platinum?
48What is NATO?
What is the Red Cross?
47Who is Handel?
What is An American In Paris?
46Who is Sacagawea?
Who is Leon Trotsky?
46Feet, eyebrows, McDonald's
(What are 'arches'?)
46What is roe? What is ska?
45Who is Kim Jong-Il?
Who is Nursultan Nazarbayev?
45Who is Odin?
What is the Gordian Knot?
45Who is Verdi? Who is Copland?
44Henry Kissinger said this 'is the ultimate aphrodisiac'
(What is 'power'?)
44Who is Yeats?
What is 'The Waste Land'?
44What is 'Tuesdays with Morrie'?
What is 'The Purpose Driven Life'?
44What is an equinox?
What is the Hubble?
43Who is Vitus Bering?
Who is Balboa?
42What is fortissimo?
What is a soprano?
41What is the Gettysburg Address?
Who was Jefferson Davis?
41Who is Copernicus?
Who is Wernher von Braun?
41What is a triangle?
What is an organ?
41(General category, not confined to any topic. 2 rhyming syllables.)
41What is a Black Russian?
What is garlic?
#CategorySample responses or clue
41What is Lake Michigan?
What is Andorra?
41Its license plates bear a flag depicting the Big Dipper & the North Star (What is Alaska?)
40What is Fuji?
What is the Matterhorn?
39What is acupuncture?
What is anthrax?
39Who is Modigliani? Who is Klimt?
38What is 'doge'? What is Prussia?
38What is Georgia? What is Belize?
38What is the genome?
What is meiosis?
38What is veto? What is aura?
37What is the Aer Lingus?
What is the Space Needle?
37What is a Salty Dog?
What is a Gibson?
37What is Mad? What is People?
36What is a furlong? What is a cord?
36Who is Rosalynn Carter?
Who is Lucy Hayes?
36What is the Congressional Medal of Honor? What are the Tonys?
34What is 98.6°F?
What is the vena cava?
34As an adjective, it can mean proper; as a verb, 'to grade papers'
(What is 'correct'?)
34Who is Boss Tweed?
What is the Battle of Tippecanoe?
33What is Titanic?
What is Supporting Actor?
33Corn, or a labyrinth
(What is maize/maze?)
33Who is Samuel Morse?
Who is Estes Kefauver?
33What is a frieze? Who is Gehry?
32What are jellyfish? What is phylum?
32What is lactovegetarian?
What is synecdoche?
32What is Spring Awakening?
Who is Tom Stoppard?
32Who is Pablo Neruda?
Who is Peter the Great?
32What are wasps? What are fungi?
32What is an avocado?
What are cabbages?
30Nicknamed the 'Mother of Presidents', it's the birthplace of 7 presidents,
(What is Ohio?)
30Who is Gustav III?
Who is Eleanor of Aquitaine?
30Who is Nancy Pelosi?
Who is Gordon Brown?
30What is poltergeist?
What is coup de grace?
30What are neutrons?
What is sodium chloride?
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  • (# = number of times on Jeopardy!) Count of categories found on the J!-Archive through Sept 2010 provided by ArtVark at See detailed notes in comments.
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