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Name the tennis players with the highest winning percentage of matches since ATP was founded in 1972*.

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% Wins LossesPlayerCountry
83.09%, W-639, L-130SWE
82.64%, W-700, L-147SRB
82.53%, W-775, L-164ESP
81.89%, W-1262, L-279USA
81.67%, W-882, L-198USA
81.64%, W-1067, L-240SUI
81.51%, W-1071, L-243USA
79.59%, W-464, L-119AUS
77.44%, W-762, L-222USA
77.07%, W-558, L-166GBR
76.91%, W-713, L-214GER
76.45%, W-951, L-293ARG
76.05%, W-870, L-274USA
75.68%, W-672, L-216USA
74.91%, W-806, L-270SWE
74.68%, W-472, L-160AUS
74.65%, W-474, L-161AUS
74.18%, W-612, L-213USA
72.96%, W-842, L-312ROU
72.01%, W-571, L-222SWE
% Wins LossesPlayerCountry
71.77%, W-689, L-271ESP
71.48%, W-381, L-152ARG
71.29%, W-668, L-269USA
71.08%, W-317, L-129ARG
71.04%, W-233, L-95GEO
70.51%, W-562, L-235NED
70.16%, W-616, L-262AUS
70.03%, W-528, L-226USA
69.81%, W-585, L-253USA
69.56%, W-626, L-274AUT
69.45%, W-482, L-212FRA
69.36%, W-283, L-125AUS
68.63%, W-385, L-176GER
68.23%, W-262, L-122SVK
68.13%, W-357, L-167FRA
68.10%, W-506, L-237USA
67.97%, W-662, L-312USA
67.89%, W-668, L-316ESP
67.79%, W-684, L-325USA
67.50%, W-216, L-104CAN

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