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Can you name the 5-letter words that fit these definitions & are top 1000 baby names from 2010?

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A monastery ruled by an abbot or abbess
Translucent fossil resin or a dark orange yellow
White-robed winged spirtual being in human form
Any of several poplars, after which a Colorado town was named
Type of heavy usually wooden club often used by police
An intensely burning fire
British term for a police officer
British term for a badger
To follow rapidly
A moist mild cheese similar to cheddar
A bobwhite or similar bird
Flower with white ray petals around a yellow disk
Vigorous English breed of red cattle used for meat & milk
An Italian woman, especially of high rank
A male duck
A glowing smoldering remain or fragment from a fire
Dark granular material used as an abrasive
Large genus of African evergreens
Belief, trust in, and loyalty to a religious doctrine
Forthright and sincere, like an expression. Unmistakenly evident.
Distance between railroad rails. Diameter of wire or needles.
A bud. An asexual reproductive body detached from a plant.
Unmerited divine assistance given to humans.
A gift (as of land or money) for a particular purpose
In Arabic, the sign for a glottal stop, shown in English as an apostrophe
To make a destructive raid. To torment by constant attack.
A harbor, usually also a place of safety
A light brown, named for a nut from the birch family
A tract of open uncultivated land, usually with poor drainage
Plant with red berries & spiny evergreen leaves often used as Christmas decoration
A female donkey
Crude, cheap or improvised manner of construction
A precious stone or precious metal ornament
A burglar's tool, used to force open doors or windows
In Hinduism and Buddhism, the force that perpetuates ethical consequences
Resembling ornamental braiding of string
Steel-tipped spear carried by knights or cavalry
A monastery of an Eastern church
Ground-rooted woody vines, usually of tropical rain forests
The words of a song or emotive poem
Greater in rank, importance or interest
Flat dark areas on the surface of the moon or Mars
Worker who builds with stone or brick
A general truth or rule of conduct. A proverbial saying.
Plural of a non-metric relatively large unit of distance
Poecilia. Brightly colored tropical fish valued for aquariums.
Mediterranean evergreen valued for its oil-bearing fruit
Dense concretion of nacre in some mollusks used as a gem
To diminish gradually and come to an end
One who plays a tubular wind instrument
In slang, to vomit
Having a coarse, lustful or lecherous manner
A large glossy black crow-like bird
A natural stream of water of usually considerable volume
Indication that a message has been understood, especially in two-way radio
Mountain ash (tree) with red pomes
Common verbal address to a young boy whose name the speaker does not know
The claw of a bird of prey
Absorbant fabric used in robes and towels with loops in the pile
A British soldier
To copy by following lines or letter as seen through a superimposed sheet

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