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QUIZ: Can you name the things that begin with each letter of the alphabet and end in 'Z'?

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California Bay Area island also know as 'The Rock'A-Z
Partner to Woody, in the world of PixarB-Z
French preposition for 'at the house of'C-Z
The Korean version of this abbreviated area crosses the 38th parallelD-Z
From the German for 'replacement', a substitute usually of lower qualityE-Z
Tactile differentiation of peaches from nectarines.F-Z
Extravagant showiness or ostentation, it is often paired with 'glamor'G-Z
John Kerry's wife is the heir to this pickle and ketchup manufacturing giantH-Z
The Spanish version of the female name 'Agnes'I-Z
He didn't get top billing on a #1 Hot 100 song until 2009's 'Empire State of Mind'J-Z
Frequency measured in 1,000s of cycles per secondK-Z
The 21st most common last name in the US. Just ask George or Jennifer.L-Z
Jason who sang 'I'm Yours'M-Z
Surname of the commander-in-chief of the US Pacific navy in WW2 and namesake of an aircraft carrierN-Z
Popular travel planning websiteO-Z
This brand of candy and its dispensers have been giving out 12 candies from a 'head' since 1927P-Z
A short, usually written testQ-Z
In a 1993 contest, Crayola named a shade of crimson this, after 'something impressive but confusing'R-Z
The entertainment industry as a whole, colloquiallyS-Z
November birthstone or a Hitchcock movieT-Z
This potato chip brand is based in PennsylvaniaU-Z
Last word in the name of the Exxon supertanker that in 1989 caused the largest oil spill to that dateV-Z
It may follow Gee, Math or CheezW-Z
None-too-subtle hint that your fly may be undoneX-Z
Nickname for Carl who played as number 8 for the Red Sox for his whole careerY-Z
1973 sci-fi film starring Sean Connery and directed by John BoormanZ-Z

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