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All the words or phrases that have at least two occurances of the consecutive letters 'OO'.

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According to a long-running Campbell's advertising campaign slogan, what 'Soup is...'.
Five word rhyming phrase meaning
'by any means necessary'.
Day-glo torus-shaped cereal from Kellogg's.
Sprout that's the major food source of the giant panda. In Chinese cooking,
it is called zhú sǔn jiān.
Alumni of this Los Angeles public education academy include Carol Burnett, Brandy, Judy Garland, John Ritter, and Anthony Anderson.
Since 1970, he has been a title character in over a dozen TV series, the most recent of which is subtitled 'Mystery Incorporated'
This Black Eyed Peas track dominated
the US singles chart in the summer of 2009.
Style of percussive piano playing,
popular in blues, jazz and country music.
Type of salesman that used to distribute vacuum cleaners, encyclopedias and Fuller Brushes.
In the film 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit', the studio that Roger, Jessica and Baby Herman all work for.
A haunted molar, or
the prog rock 70s band that recorded the album
'You Broke My Heart So I Busted Your Jaw'.
Hypenated adjective describing astroturf-like carpet that can be used for both patios and playrooms.
This bird first appeared, but was not named, in the 1940 Andy Panda cartoon 'Knock Knock'.
A bound collection of recipes.
Betty Crocker's has sold over 27 million copies.
Tool that you hope your neighbors have handy when they walk their dogs and stop at your lawn.
Common kitchen utensil often made from walnut or oak, or mock award given to the last place team in British competitions.
One of two waterparks at Disney World.
Attractions include Castaway Creek,
Mount Mayday & Keelhaul Falls.
So simple and reliable as to
leave no chance of error or failure
Americanized Chinese food dish
usually made with sliced chicken,
water chestnuts, and mushrooms.
Phrase whispered in every Mazda commercial
for the last ten years.
Two word slang term for playing basketball
Feature that allows you to sit in your car
but still view the night sky.
Kenny Loggins sang the title track from
this 1984 film that made Kevin Bacon a star.
In a Tim Burton film, actor Deep Roy
single-handedly played hundreds of these
Wonka Chocolate factory employees.
Freeware browser addition by a search engine company that includes buttons for translations, spell checking and Sidewiki.
Chris & Martin Kratt hosted this 1999-2001 children's show about wild animals.
A natural column of rock,
usually rising from a dry river bed,
also called a fairy chimney or earth pyramid.
If the band that sang 'Too Shy'
merged with the band that sang 'Iris',
they'd probably call themselves this.
Actress that played Blair in 'Terminator: Salvation', her name has 3 'OO's all pronounced differently.

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