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Can you name the things and phrases that contain the word 'valley'?

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Abbreviated TVA and formed in 1933,
this federal corporation brought flood control & electricity to several US states.
Barbra Stanwyck, Lee Majors and Linda Evans
starred in this mid-sixties TV western series
This Monkees hit that was based on an actual street name in West Orange, NJ, not Status Symbol Land.
Convallaria majalis,
this flower's blooms look like small white bells.
Gag me with a spoon! His daughter Moon Unit accompanied Frank Zappa on this, his only top 40 hit.
George Washington slept here, in the winter of 1777-78.
Home to Burbank and Glendale, and so many adult film studios that it has the nickname 'Silcone Valley'
This picturesque skiing area of Idaho
has been a seasonal home to
Tom Hanks, Ernest Hemingway and Clint Eastwood.
In 1960, this small California town
hosted the Winter Olympics
In the KJV version of Psalm 23
('The Lord is my shepherd') these seven words follow
'Yea, though I walk through…'
Jeannie C. Riley's mom really socked it to this
Parent-Teacher Association in a 1968 hit song.
Bruce Hornsby won a Grammy for Best Bluegrass Recording for his 1990 remake of this, his own 1988 hit
Located near Luxor, Egypt, this area is rich in burial tombs of the Pharaohs.
Fictional setting of the ABC soap 'All My Children'
Nickname given to the California area that headquarters Apple, Google, Facebook and eBay.
Since 2007, this actor has had starring roles in 3 TV series: 'Boston Legal', 'Fringe', & 'Human Target'.
One of the best-selling novels of the 1960s,
this Jacqueline Susann book became a movie
starring Sharon Tate & Patti Duke.
Unofficial sequel to the above, this 1970 Russ Meyer campy classic was written by Roger ****
Series of young adult books centered around twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield
Set in Wales, this sentimental film directed by John Ford beat Citizen Kane for Best Picture at the 1942 Oscars
The first Neanderthal skeletons were found in this area of Germany, also known for its coal & steel production.
Theory that when computer animation or robots look
'too human', it causes people to be repulsed
The lowest, driest and hottest point in North America, and according to WWE intros, home of The Undertaker
Unquestionably, they manufacture the best
Ranch dressing of anyone on this list.
Not quite a 'valley' #1: 1930s early crooner, bandleader and actor, his trademark megaphone was a necessity as he toured before amplification was invented.
Not quite a 'valley' #2: He sang the title track from 'Grease', and is the central character in the musical 'Jersey Boys'.

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