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Can you name the action movie, based a pair of FOUR WORD FILM REVIEWS?

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Review 1Film TitleReview 2 (Year released)
About Last Knight. Bearded Jones's Diary. (1989)
An unbalanced Ledger.Knight 'n shining harmer. (2008)
Aussie and chariot.Bird fight: Crowe, Phoenix. (2000)
Bacon in tin can.Ground control, Major Tom. (1995)
Bad spellers kill Nazis.Shosanaa triggers Goebbel warming. (2009)
Bill. Quentin. All gore.Bridesmad. (2003)
Copper is metal.Pig iron. (1987)
Faster than speeding Bullock.Boom in public transportation. (1994)
Feddies vs. Jason.Good Will Hunted. (2002)
Finding Neo.Prophet in own LAN. (1999)
Four Webbing and Funeral.Teenager emits sticky substance. (2002)
French teen starts smoking.English enjoy French cooking. (1999)
Hammond, eggs. Site for 'saur rise. (1993)
Indy and a Jones.Killer is hand solo. (1993)
Jones of Ark.Ford. Explorer. (1981)
Manhattan on the rocks.Jake Chill-enhaal. (2004)
Military lowers height requirement.Goose should have ducked. (1986)
Multi-pythons, flying circuits.Hijackers unarmed. (Unlegged too.) (2006)
No Day After Tomorrow.Cusack: John of Ark. (2009)
Papa's a Rolling Stone.Johnny Depp catches crabs.(2007)
Peter's temporary arachnile dysfunction. Doc Ock rocks docks. (2004)
Pits Pitt against Pitt.Meat Loaf tenderized. (1999)
Punk receives counting lesson.Clint asks loaded question. (1971)
Rear penetration surprises Greeks.Hades dining reservations announced. (2006)
Royale without Cleese.Blond, James Bond (2006)
Ryan, sea quest.From Russia with Sub. (1990)
Sexy singer uses protection.Costner scores then shoots. (1992)
Spacey planned a head. Cop gets severance package. (1995)
Steel from the rich. Downey's surpringly well cast. (2008)
The Immaculate Deception. Jesus has a fAmelie. (2006)
Walker becomes driver.Diesel vehicle lacks performance. (2001)
We'll always halve Paris.In somnia. (2010)

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