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Can you name the pair of American States whose letters can be rearranged to form these phrases?

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AnagramThe two States
Abrasive Iran King
Against Next Show
Amicable Axe Woman
Antiwar Toad Hook
Await Hilarious Nacho
Caulk Ten Kayaks
He Horsewhip Naomi
Honor Radical Doodles
Hooka Assault Audition
Imaginary Coin Flow
Inanimate Hoods
Satan Mask Anon
We Swindle Ocarinas
AnagramThe two States
Accounting Service Nitwit
Aloha Monkey Work
Assist Pessimistic Smashup
Auntie Ham
Hiding A Caveman
Irrational Onion Chills
Naval Environment Spy
Orange Iran Zoo
Ordain Final Aid
Reran Jays Weakness
Teensier Mousiness
Yearlong Diagram

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