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Can you name the real TV series where these fake TV shows took place?

Quiz Updated Jul 5, 2013

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Fake TV showReal TV show
[Title of series]
LA-based SNL-like live comedy/music show
TGS with Tracy Jordan
NYC-based SNL-like live comedy/music show
The Itchy & Scratchy Show
— cartoon series
[title of series]
— live daily cable sports report
— '20/20'-like newsmagazine series
Terrance and Phillip
— Canadian comedy series
Room And Bored
— sitcom starring 'Valerie Cherish'
Monsterpiece Theater
— as hosted by Alistair Cookie
Wake Up, San Francisco
Capital Beat
— Conversations with DC newsmakers.
Pigs In Space — sci-fi comedy
The Days Of The Week,
Monster Chiller Horror Theatre,
The Great White North
Come On, GET UP!, New York,
featuring Robin Scherbatsky.
WJM Evening News
Tool Time
— house repair instruction series
Fake TV showReal TV show
Psycho Dad
— comedy series
Book Talk & Vermont Today
Exposé — 'Charlie's Angels'-like show
filmed in Sydney with Billy Dee Williams
Silverstone — teen-spy series
The Faith Yancy Show
— 'Nancy Grace'-like series on NYC crime
Prescription: Passion
— soap featuring Dr. Brock Sterling
— failed NBC sitcom pilot
The Valley
— Soap situated in Orange County.
So Random! — teen sketch comedy
[title of show]
— 'Tonight Show'-like talk program
The Alan Brady Show
— comedy-variety series
Mock Trial With J. Reinhold
— 'Judge Judy'-like show starring Judge Reinhold.
Church Chat,
Wayne's World,
Celebrity Jeopardy!,
Deep House Dish
Days Of Our Lives
— fictionalized version of the soap
with the character Dr. Drake Ramoray

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