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Can you name the historical figures who might have sent the following Tweets?

Updated Mar 6, 2012

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OMG. Forgot I left the BBQ on. Nothing I hate more than burned steak.02:58PM June 14, 1430
@AssemblyLine Dudes, where's my cars?10:12AM December 10, 1908
Sorry for the lack of tweets.Wi-fi sucks underground.07:14AM August 18, 1850
@aaronburr Nice shot . . . 7:39 AM July 11, 1804
@Dragons @Dinosaurs @unicorns Ark is full. Don't worry. I'll BRB.10:55AM April 28, 6345 BC
I hope and pray that this great nation lasts long enough to see my embroidery fashioned into bikini tops.03:26PM March 24, 1779
People in China have a strange way of talking to me. One says my first name, the other my last.05:35AM February 15, 1297
@JFKennedy Happy bday, Mr. Pres! Guess who this is: o8-< (it's me)09:39PM May 29, 1962
Coach just assured me 100m gold medal winner gets to kick #Hitler where it counts.06:30AM June 4, 1936
.. / ..-. .- .-. - . -.. .-.-.- LOL7:40 PM September 10, 1837
Finally finished invention. Disappointed to learn that no one can read. #fml07:07PM October 03, 1439
I only regret that I have but 140 characters to use for my country.4:58 PM September 22, 1776
At my current rate of success, alcohol in Chicago will be eliminated forever in no time.03:31PM October 17, 1931
It's all about the me's, baby!08:11PM March 16, 1781
Thinking of opening with a cake story. It will make a killing.11:22 AM October 12, 1793
Having a hard time explaining to my wife why the maid's breasts are suddenly solid gold.10:21PM April 22, 714 BC
Just picked up my 2nd Nobel Prize. They thought I was pretty. Called me positively radiant.3:41PM December 10, 1911
Gr8 show tonite. The Ford is the perfect venue for AAAAAARRGH!!10:14PM April 14, 1865
New lifts arrived today. Feeling confident. Will tweet more from Waterloo.12:33PM June 3, 1815
Advice for young artists: Visit the site before quoting a price for a 'simple ceiling paint job.'04:45PM April 24, 1511

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