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A frank and sincere discussion, usually between close friends (3 words)
An expensive but delicious cut of beef steak (1 word)
Beavis' compatriot (1 word)
Canines of the upper jaw, and your only body part with 4 'E's out of 8 letters (1 word)
Common name of the Cardiopulmonary bypass pump often used in modern surgery (3 words)
Cost of something exceedingly expensive (5 words)
Deeply in love, upside down (counterintuitively),
or a hit song title for both the Go-Gos and Tears For Fears (3 words)
Economically, having to spend or consume all you have merely to survive (4 words)
If you've ordered more food than you can actually eat, your mom'll probably say this. (7 words)
In close association with; With complete co-operation (3 words)
In person, rather than by telephone or teleconference (3 words)
Old Testament term for a just or appropriate level of punishment (5 words)
On consecutive occassions, like winning 2 championships in a row (3 words)
Popular American dandruff shampoo (3 words)
Popular pork cut for barbeques, contrary to the name it is not exclusively from piglets (3 words)
So close in a competition that a leader cannot be determined (3 words)
Someone significantly underweight is said to be reduced to this (3 words)
Something that is said, but not to be taken seriously (3 words)
Stride required in walking races (3 words, joined by hyphens)
The 2006 World Cup may be best remembered for Zinedine Zidane
getting a red card for giving Marco Materazzi one of these (1 word)
The position you might physically be in if you were desperately begging (3 words)
Thornton Wilder's Pulitzer Prize-winning drama or a very narrow margin of escape (5 words)
Three areas of medical specialty for an Otolaryngologist (4 words)
To express your disdain or derision, using an offensive gesture (3 words)
To fight using every means available (3 words)
Type of dancing performed by Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers,
or a song first sung by Fred Astaire (3 words)
What playing video games is supposed to improve (3 words)
When you've said something unintentionally embarrassing you are said to have done this (6 words)
What do they want to do tonight?
The same this they do every night. Try to take over the world.
Slapping your own forehead
or what you might do when you see some of the answers you missed (1 word)
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Tags:Body, collide, common, Expression

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