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Updated Jun 8, 2011

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This former member of The Supremes had a #1 song with 'Upside Down' in 1980.
Mike Leigh directed this 1999 film about Gilbert and Sullivan's problems writing 'The Mikado',
whose title is a synonym of 'upside down'
Legally, the US flag may only be flown upside down when it is used as this kind of signal
Either of 2 US States whose borders look the same when they are upside down
on a Mercator projection map
Contrary to its usage, this term, also a song title for Abba, The Go-Go's and Tears for Fears,
literally means right-side up!
Between 9 and 12 million of these creatures that sleep upside down live in Kentucky's Mammoth Cave
If you look at it a 'long time', the 'flying saucer' on the cover of this band's 1976 self-titled album
is actually an upside down guitar
In films from 1972 and 2006, this fictional ocean liner was knocked upside down by a giant wave
The most popular version of 'Upside Down Cake' is topped with rings from this tropical fruit
Most common language where written interrogative sentences
are proceded with '¿' - an upside down question mark
This British band named an album '5317704',
which when viewed upside down on a calculator reveals their name
The 20th Anniversary DVD cover of this Cary Elwes-Robin Wright film has an ambigram title
- - it reads the same right-side up as upside down
According to some, this apostle, who denied Jesus three times during His crucifixion,
was himself crucified upside down
In a standard deck of playing cards,
this is the only suit where the Ace card looks the same, upside down or not
This creature named for a 'deadly sin' sleeps hanging upside down from trees
Matisse's painting 'Le Bateau' hung upside down for 47 days
at this public New York City art gallery, known by a 4-letter acronym
The 'Inverted Jenny' is one of these items that was misprinted with an upside down plane.
Originally sold for 24 cents, it now sells for $825,000
A late night talk show hosted by this man was intentionally broadcast upside down when it was re-run
Upside down alphabet #1:
If you write out the alphabet in capital letters, then put a mirror below,
what letters (in alphabetical order) still look basically the same?
Upside down alphabet #2:
If instead, you stick a pin in the center of each capital letter and rotate it 180°,
what letters still essentially look the same?

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