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Can you name the artists based on the name of a hybrid album and the songs that would be on it?

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21st Century StrangerAmerican Stranger, Nice Guys Die Young, Scenes From Paradise
Agents of the Black Rainbow(Don't Fear) the Afterman, Welcome Home Godzilla, Jersey City on Flame
Appetite for Polka!Smells Like Paradise, November Child, Mr. Yoda
Are You Gonna Go to Hell and Back?Mighty Cab Driver, American Thing Called Love, Barbarian Strut
Beautiful NightmareD is for Downtown, Cryin Rain Dogs, Fumblin with the Brick
Born in Another DimensionBorn to Walk, Blinded by Emotion, (Dude) Looks Like a River
Clockwork FeverTom Sawyer's Last Dance, Freewill, Refugee of Circumstances
Combat of FireSunshine of the Casbah, London Room, The Magnificent Tales of Brave Ulysses
Dark Side of the RamonesBlitzkrieg Time, Comfortably Sedated, Beat on John
Demons and ChaosIronic Fantasy, The Magician's Steps, Mary Jane in Black
Desparado DinosaursMan in the Hotel, Bones in the City, Life in the Rooster
Dream FactoryHoly Rain, Rainbow in the Grapevine, Fortunate Line
Electric NineMy Sweet Haze, Pepperoni Lady, Fish on the Castles
Employment of RetributionBreaking the Riot, Ruby Meltdown, Heat Comes Down
Exile on Abbey RoadPaint it Yellow, Sympathy for Mr. Kite, Ruby Onion
Fate of ArcadiumFools in a Teacup, Dani Shall Pass Away, Under the Rainbow
Foreigner Lies Down on BroadwayAt War With the Moonlit Knight, Carpet Hero, Invisible Vision
Hail to the LightningRide the Bends, Enter Creep, Paranoid Puppets
Hall of the IllusionRenegade Child, Sail Away Magellan, These are the Times (1990)
Melt the MusicRhythm of Beethoven, Blue Sky/Red Rain, Family Tornado
National WarpaintHard to Pump, Watching the Angels, Radio Salvation
Neon BrothersGold on the Windowsill, Ten Cent Reflektor, Suburban Fever
Point of Know ResistanceDust in Cydonia, Carry On Resistance, Lightning's Syndrome
Purple CeremonyPlush Walker, Silvergun Phoenix, Aphrodisiac & Violence
Rainbow BleachLady of Lithium, Heart-Shaped Tarot, A Light in Bloom
Rebel NightmareBlack Wedding/White Widow, Dancing With Mr. Nice Guy, Shock to the Jets
Remain in SpacePsycho Queen, Burning Down My Car, Prophets in a Lifetime
Rock n Roll FrontiersJealous Ways, Stand by the Sky, Instant Departure
Sheik Blue EyesNew York Footwear, Broken Hearts are My Way, A Gas Station from Ipanema
Siamese HotelMagnolia Rock, Box of Butterfly Wings, Alabama Zero
Supernatural EmpireSmooth Radio, Interplanetary Bombtrack, Maria on Parade
Synchronicity of TimeWalking on the Moon, I Love a Bottle, Shiny Happy Murder
Tarkus 13Paranoid Bouncer, Iron Crystal, Neon Barbarian
Thick as a Blood CellSteel Thump, Bungle in the Orchid, Seven Nation Locomotive
The Final QuestionEmpire of White Satin, Gemini Trooper, Question of the Beast
The Iron TenJeremy Louie, Iron Horse Behind the Counter in a Small Town
The Rise and Fall of AvalonHit That Strand, Both Ends Around You, Street Life Feelings
The Silent EngineerHeart Full of Iron, Shapes of the Dark, Lost Little Indians
The Story of Highway 61Little Green Tambourine, The Riddle in the Wind, Like a Rolling Horsie
Waiting for the LightLong Road to the Earth, Love Her Monkey, The Spy and The Famine
Who's GraffitiHouses of Baba, Bargain to Heaven, Dazed and Fooled
Yellow Bricks and Silver LiningsCrocodile Attack, Goodbye Tuscany, Tower of Regression
Ziggy Stardust's Last NightRebel Christmas, Dogs in Winter, The Night Oddity

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