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LyricSong TitleAlbum
Wake up!Toxicity
Everybody's going to the party,Mezmerize
Life is a waterfall,Toxicity
Eating seeds as a pastime activity,Toxicity
My cock is much bigger than yours,Mezmerize
**** you! It all goes awaySelf-Titled
I hope your stepson doesn't eat the fishMezmerize
Smart people outsmart each other,Self-Titled
Plutonium wedding rings,Steal This Album!
Bleeding in a sink,Mezmerize
LyricSong TitleAlbum
Dreams are made winding through her hairSelf-Titled
**** you, pig!Steal This Album! I feel when I'm around you,Steal This Album!
She lost her mind,Hypnotize
Is there a perfect way of holding you, baby?Hypnotize
You really don't have to be a hoe,Toxicity
We will fight the heathens!Self-Titled
Selling ass for heroin!Hypnotize
Every time you drop the bomb,Steal This Album!
...waiting for my girlHypnotize

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