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LyricSong TitleAlbum
Beat down, till the victory is mine!Asylum
Number one rated enemy!The Sickness know that you've brought meaning to my lifeBelieve
I hear the sirens but they're never gonna take meIndestructible
All you want is to criticize, something for nothingTen Thousand Fists
I've been waiting my whole life for just one, ****!The Sickness
Let me enlighten you!Believe
...whenever I am with you, you deliver me from the pain in my lifeImmortalized
My very soul has to bleed this time,Ten Thousand Fists
Do not beg for mercy now, you never showed any to them!The Lost Children
Species fall before our very eyes,Asylum
If this disturbs you, then walk awayTen Thousand Fists
Are you gonna deny the savior, in front of your eyes?Indestructible
Too much emotion too long confined has, weakened the wall that protects youThe Lost Children
I'll have you know that I've become...Indestructible
I'm the Hand of God, I'm the Dark Messiah,Immortalized
I want your power glowing, juicy flowing, red hot...The Sickness
Save me, from wreaking my vengeance upon you,The Lost Children
LyricSong TitleAlbum
You heard the call as you walked away, a voice of calm from within the silenceImmortalized
Stand on the brink of my own demise,Believe she disassembles my life Ten Thousand Fists
My medicine isn't too hard to findImmortalized
Tell me exactly what am I supposed to do?The Sickness
If I offer you my soul, will you carry me away?The Lost Children
To let go, now it's dragging me into your grave!Asylum
Open up your hate and let it flow into meThe Sickness
You're mine, and you don't need another oneBelieve
And now we both shall dine in hell tonight!Asylum
To be purified in fire!Ten Thousand Fists
With a tortured soul, and an honest design,Asylum
A whole lifetime planning out your destruction, with no other function,The Lost Children
Give your soul to me, for eternity,Indestructible
Hear the roar and you will know you're alive!Immortalized
To renew your faith in God,Believe
Dishonored by your world,Indestructible

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