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Experimented with giant green algae.
Identified DNA as the transforming principal in his famous experiment.
Collected puss.
Produced evidence of the helical nature of DNA.
One of four types of RNA which, with proteins, forms a complex that is used in RNA processing in eukaryotes.
Unwinds DNA/ Rewinds DNA.
Direction of replication.
Continuous strand with 1 primer.
Replication begins at specific sites called ________.
The joining of two Okazaki fragments creates a _______.
Excises (removes) RNA primers and replaces them with appropriate nucleotides (Be specific!).
One of four types of RNA which brings amino acids to ribosomes during translation.
Releases DNA from supercoiled structure.
Adds nucleotides to parent template (Be specific!)
One of four types of RNA which, with ribosomal proteins, make up ribosomes (organelles that translate mRNA)
When are introns removed?
Enzyme responsible for the excision of introns.
Discontinuous strand with multiple primers.
Segments of RNA which remain after transcription.
Adds RNA primer to each template strand as a starting point for replication.
Site on ribosome which holds growing polypeptide.
Site on ribosome where new amino acids enter.
Cystosine and guanine have ____ hydrogen bonds.
Thymin and adenine have _____ hydrogen bonds.
6 nucleosomes= _____ solenoid.
DNA wrapped twice around 8 histones is known as a _______.
Region of bases that signals the beginning of a gene.
Site for RNA polymerase and transcription factos.
Can proofread its own work and do excision repair.
tRNA which has lost an amino acid is ______.
Any change in the nucleotide sequence of DNA.
Organelle made of RNA and protein.
One of four types of RNA which encodes the amino acid sequence of a polypeptide.
Keeps unwinded strands apart, stable and safe.
Mutation which causes change in the reading frame.
The most efficient control mechanism.
DNA replication is ________.
One complete turn of the double helix consists of ___ base pairs.
Chromosomes are mostly ______.
Joins Okazaki fragments.

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