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PlotEpisode NameSeries
Lisa becomes popular due to her swimming pool6
Lisa has to cope with another smart student in he class6
Clip show6
Homer & Bart end up in a theme park jail6
Sideshow Bob rigs an election6
Halloween Special6
Bart dates Rev. Lovejoy's rebellious daughter6
Lisa discovers her skills at ice hockey6
Homer is mistakenly blamed for sexual harassment6
Grampa invents a tonic for ED6
Marge reveals she has a fear of flying6
Homer joins a secret cult6
Flashback to Marge's third pregnancy6
Bart discovers a comet during detention6
Homer goes to clown school6
Bart offends Australia6
Bart takes up ballet6
Springfield holds a film festival6
Flashforward to Lisa's wedding6
The dog becomes a father6
The teachers go on strike6
Lisa's hero, jazz singer Bleeding Gums dies6
Marge joins the police force6
Shelbyville steals Springfield's lemon tree6
Mr Burns makes enemies, and then is shot6
The search for Mr Burns' attacker continues7
Bart auditions for a superhero's sidekick7
The kids are placed under the Flanders' care7
Bart sells his soul to Milhouse7
Lisa becomes a vegetarian7
Halloween special7
Homer becomes too obese to work7
Homer tracks down his estranged mother7
Sideshow Bob tries to blow up the town at an airshow7
Troy McClure presents highlights of the show so far7
Bart shoplifts, and Marge stops loving him7
Bart & Lisa must wear school uniform7
George Bush Sr. moves in nextdoor7
The family join a country club7
Bart exposes his hero Krusty a tax cheat7
Lisa learns the town hero was a pirate7
PlotEpisode NameSeries
Homer becomes assistant to Mr Burns7
Itchy & Scratchy is sued and discontinued7
Selma married actor Troy McClure7
Bart goes on a road trip with 3 friends7
Interesting stories about events happening in the town7
Bart helps Grampa track down lost treasure7
Apu is threatened with deportation7
Homer becomes a circus freak7
Lisa finally makes friends on a trip to the beach7
halloween special8
Homer unknowingly works for a supervillain8
Homer becomes an amateur boxer8
Mr Burn's wayward son returns8
Bart works in a burlesque house8
Milhouse's parents get divorced8
Lisa dates school bully Nelson8
Ned's house is destroyed, and he gets really angry8
Homer has a hallucination, and must find his soulmate8
Homer sees an alien, but no one belives him8
Marge starts up her own pretzel business8
The family and the workers climb a mountain8
The family get a Mary Poppins-style nanny8
Itchy & Scratchy introduce a new character8
Homer worried Bart is gay8
Sideshow Bob saves Bart & Lisa from Sideshow Cecil8
Lisa babysits Bart, who is knocked unconscious8
Skinner & Edna start a relationship8
Bart gets a new dog8
Lisa and Mr Burns start a recycling plant8
Marge becomes the Church's 'listen lady'8
Homer angers a new co-worker who is driven to death8
three spin off mini-episodes8
Lisa enters military school with Bart8
Homer has an awful day in New York9
Skinner is exposed as a fraud9
Flashback to how Lisa got her saxophone9
Halloween special9
Homer gets a gun, but becomes obsessed with it9
Homer coaches the kids football team9
Apu gets married to his arranged bride9
Lisa is skeptical of an angel skeleton9
PlotEpisode NameSeries
Marge enters the world of real estate9
Bart sets fire to the X-Mas tree, and pretends he was robbed9
Clip show of musical moments9
Bart and Homer befriend carnival workers9
Homer convinces the family to join a sect9
The kids are trapped on a desert island9
Krusty decides he's not cut out for comedy9
Moe gets a girlfriend9
Lisa worries she has a stupid gene9
Ralph and Bart become friends9
Homer buys a boat so he can do illegal things out at sea9
Homer must recover a trillion dollar note from Castro9
Homer gets a monkey9
Homer is boycotted by the garbage men9
Homer attempts to climb a mountain9
Lisa becomes lost9
Homer and Marge show their romance in public places9
Homer and Bart enter the grease racket9
Homer becomes an inventor10
Bart adopts two lizards10
Halloween special10
Homer becomes PA to two celebs10
Homer becomes a hippie10
Lisa cheats on a test10
Homer is too scared to give Grampa a kidney transplant10
Homer becomes bodyguard to the Mayor10
Homer and Ned get married in Vegas10
The kids face a 7pm curfew due to Homer10
Homer goes to the Superbowl10
Homer changes his name, and becomes one of Springfields elite10
Homer kidnaps Elton John10
Marge develops road rage10
Lisa is forced to move into Bart's room10
The doorbell just won't stop ringing10
The family fall asleep in Church and dream of bible stories10
Homer becomes a modern artist10
Bart gives the old folks some excitement10
Mr Burns kidnaps the Loch Ness Monster10
Lisa becomes part of MENSA10
The Simpsons go to Japan10

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