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Can you name the The Simpsons Episodes (Series 1-5)?

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PlotEpisode NameSeries
Bart gets a tattoo without Marge's permission1
Bart cheats on an IQ Test.1
Homer becomes a safety pioneer.1
The Simpsons go to shock therapy1
Bart stands up to the school bully1
Lisa becomes depressed, and discovers jazz1
Homer is mistaken for Bigfoot1
Bart cuts the head off the town's favourite statue1
Marge almost has an affair1
Marge finds a photo of Homer with a belly dancer1
Bart is deported to France1
Krusty is framed for armed robbery1
The kids babysitter is on America's Most Wanted1
Bart consistently fails school test2
Homer grows hair, and becomes successful2
Halloween special2
Mr Burns runs for governor2
Homer becomes a baseball mascot2
Bart and Tod enter a minigolf competition2
Bart runs away on Thanksgiving2
Bart is influenced by a daredevil2
Marge protests against a violent cartoon2
Bart is run over by Mr Burns2
Homer is told he has 12 hours to live2
Flashback to Homer & Marge's prom2
Homer steals Cable TV2
Principal Skinner dates Selma2
Homer tracks down his half brother2
The dog fails dog school2
Grampa finds love2
Marge discovers her artistic talent2
Lisa develops a crush on her sub teacher2
Homer and Marge go to marriage counselling2
Bart, Milhouse and Martin fight over a comic2
Mr Burns needs a blood transplant2
PlotEpisode NameSeries
Homer is admitted into a mental hospital3
Lisa is disgusted by how corrupt Congress is3
Flanders opens a left handed store3
Bart joins the Mafia as a bartender3
Homer accidentally becomes a hero3
Bart and Lisa track down Krusty's Jewish father3
Halloween special3
Lisa gets a pony3
Bart and Homer build a boxcar3
Moe becomes famous with Homer's cocktail idea3
Mr Burns sells the power plant to Germans3
Flashback to Homer and Marge's wedding3
Bart plays a cruel prank on the town3
Homer uses Lisa's skill for predicting football results3
Homer is left alone with Maggie3
Bart finds his teacher's ad in the personals3
Homer steps up to play baseball for the plant3
Lisa falls in with a bad crowd3
The dog needs an operation3
Homer becomes a manager of a county singer3
Selma marries Bart's enemy, Sideshow Bob3
Otto moves in with The Simpsons3
Milhouse falls in love with the new girl at school3
Homer's brother returns, asking for $20003
Bart and Lisa go to an awful holiday camp4
Marge gets a part in a Broadway play4
Homer stops attending Church4
Lisa enters a beauty pageant4
Halloween Special4
Bart is finally punished for his actions4
Marge starts working at the Plant4
Bart has a crush on his neighbour's teenage daughter4
Homer gets a snowplow business4
Flashback to Lisa's babyhood4
Homer suffers a triple heart attack4
PlotEpisode NameSeries
A monorail is built in Springfield4
Selma takes the kids to a theme park4
Bart gets an 'older brother'4
Ralph Wiggum develops a crush on Lisa4
Homer gives up beer for a month4
Homer goes on strike4
Clip show4
Bart & Lisa write cartoons under Grampa's name4
Bart is expelled from school4
Marge is arrested after accidentally shoplifting4
Krusty's Show is cancelled4
Flashback to Homer's 80s band5
The Simpsons enter the witness protection program5
Homer goes back to college5
Mr Burns just wants his teddybear back5
halloween special5
Marge makes friends with divorced neighbour Ruth5
Bart becomes the town's idol5
Bart syrup-drunkenly joins the boy scouts5
Homer is tempted to have an affair5
Marge develops a gambling problem5
A burglar robs Springfield5
Bart gets famous with a catchphrase5
Apu is fired from the Kwik-E-Mart5
Lisa makes her own feminist doll5
Homer goes into space5
Homer becomes friends with Ned Flanders5
The family get a pet elephant, Stampy5
Bart starts living with Mr Burns5
Skinner quits the school, and is replaced by Flanders5
Bart can prove Freddy Quimby innocent, but he must admit he played truant5
Marge's mother dates Homer's father5
Homer tells Marge's secrets to his adult learning class5

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