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Can you name the The Simpsons Episodes (Series 16-21)?

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PlotEpisode NameSeries
Halloween Special16
Marge enters a cooking competition16
The school bully moves in with The Simpsons16
Marge's old (successful) school friend returns16
Bart sells his rebellious T-Shirts16
Homer smuggles drugs into America16
Marge starts working at Moe's16
Homer & Ned make the Superbowl Halftime Show16
Bart fakes his own kidnapping to see a rapper16
Patty comes out as a lesbian16
Lisa gets restraining order against Bart16
Selma adopts a baby from China16
Homer impusively buys a mobile home16
Homer is imprisoned, and becomes a snitch16
Flashforward to Bart's first love16
Homer makes a friends with a 'real' roofer16
Bart becomes obese16
Lisa enters a singing contest16
Homer believes it's Doomsday16
Ned moves away from home after being humiliated16
Bart & Homer turn Catholic16
Homer rescues manatees17
Lisa can't sleep next to the cemetery17
Milhouse's parents get back together17
Halloween Special17
Bart is deemed a momma's boy17
Homer becomes Safety Salamander17
Marge joins a womens group (who turn out to be criminals)17
Bart finds Sideshow Bob - In Italy17
Christmas Stories - Simpsons style17
Homer discovers his father may not be Grampa17
Bart is sent to a behaviour modification centre17
Willie moves in with The Simpsons17
Many stories-in stories explain why The Simpsons are in a cave17
Marge spends too much time at The Flanders'17
Homer & Marge enrol for wife swap17
Grampa starts life as a bullfighter17
Homer is outsourced to India17
Three sea stories17
Skinner is replaced by a feminist17
Marge gets amnesia17
Lovejoy spreads creationism17
Homer & Marge help a baseball player get his love life on track17
PlotEpisode NameSeries
Lisa meets Fat Tony's son18
Bart takes up the drums18
Marge becomes a carpenter18
Halloween special18
Homer enters Army camp18
Moe becomes a poet18
Homer becomes an ice cream man18
Bart becomes Nelson's best friend18
Gil moves in with the Simpsons18
Homer takes Marge to a run-down beach18
Three Revenge stories - Simpsons style18
Bart is rewarded with a drivers license18
A director asks Homer whether he followed his dreams18
Lisa tutors Cletus' children18
Grampa and Selma get married18
The Simpsons strike tabloid gold in a family photo18
Homer referees Lisa's soccer games18
Bart becomes a baseball hero18
Marge throws away Maggie's dummy18
The dog becomes a police dog18
The bullies try to sabotage the school bake sale18
Kent Brockman swears on TV18
Homer flys on Mr Burn's private jet19
Homer becomes an opera singer19
Homer becomes a car truck tower19
Marge befriends a convict called Dwight19
Halloween Special19
Milhouse's parents are presumed dead19
Marge starts her own woman's gym19
Bart accidentally kills Sideshow Bob - or did he?19
Homer loses the memory of the past 24 hours19
Ralph is voted mayor19
Flashback to Homer's college grunge band19
Three romantic stories - Simpsons Style19
Bart makes a new friend for pulling pranks19
Bart & Lisa believe they have killed Martin19
Lisa becomes addicted to smoke19
Country singer Lurleen moves in with the Simpsons19
Bart and Lisa save a cow's life19
Lisa makes a film about the Simpsons life19
Mona ACTUALLY dies this time19
Lisa becomes's Krusty's assistant and becomes the star19
Homer becomes a bounty hunter20
PlotEpisode NameSeries
Bart steals a cell phone20
Bart finds his double20
Halloween special20
Flashback - Homer and Marge dating & newlyweds20
Lisa becomes obsessed with crosswords20
Bart makes friends with a Muslim boy20
Mr Burns builds a stadium where Lisa is keeping bees20
Lisa writes fantasy stories20
Homer sees how his life could be if hed been class president20
Bart wins a test and gets a field trip20
The Simpsons sell their house to Flanders20
Marge becomes blind20
Homer and Grampa go to Ireland20
Homer and Marge get remarried AGAIN20
Moe meets a small woman named Maya20
Lisa thinks Springfield will be a wasteland in 50 years20
Marge discovers a sauna in the basement20
The Simpsons move to Waverly Hills20
Four class 'women' stories - Simpsons Style20
Springfield has an influx of immigrants20
Homer gets a movie role21
Edna Krabappel is fired21
Men of Springfield become obsessed with UFC21
Halloween special21
Homer gets hired as Carl's assistant21
Bart meets up with an ultimate prankster21
Lisa stumbles upon witches21
Bart looks for a surrogate baby brother21
Grampa's life story is published21
Krusty hires a new female sidekick21
Homer wins the lottery21
Homer & Marge get a love of curling21
Flashback to when Eliza Simpson helped a black slave escape21
Bart tries to destroy the school with the abandoned subway21
Bart gets his first kiss21
The Simpsons go to the Holy Land21
Mr Burns is jailed and born again21
Homer befriends Chief Wiggum21
Lisa saves a whale21
Lisa is stereotyped for being blonde21
Moe says he will run away with Homer/Lovejoy/Apu's wife?21
Bart thinks the new neighbour is Sideshow Bob21
Moe becomes a judge on American Idol21

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