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PlotEpisode NameSeries
Homer & Mel Gibson remake a film11
Bart starts using drugs to enhance his behaviour11
Homer becomes a food critic11
Halloween special11
Homer sells an addictive substance11
Homer experiences his 15 mins of fame11
Apu's wife gives birth to 8 children11
Marge is kidnapped by motorcyclist11
Bart breaks his ass11
Marge breaks her leg skiiing11
Bart becomes a faith healer11
The family live in Mr Burns' mansion for a week11
Homer & Bart adopt a horse11
Ned's wife Maude dies in a freak accident11
Homer works as a missionary in a Pacific island11
Moe gets plastic surgery, and gets popular11
Bart sees a vision of his future11
Barney stops drinking11
The family go to Florida for spring break11
Lisa takes up tap dancing11
Marge becomes jealous of the new lodger, Otto's fiancee11
Special episode with interviews with the 'cast'11
Halloween special12
Homer starts a New Springfield12
Krusty meets his estranged daughter12
Lisa becomes a conservation activist12
Homer is paid by Mr Burns to play pranks12
Homer starts his own gossip website12
Homer becomes a conman, but is conned himself12
Bart, Lisa & co. are snowed in at the school12
Homer becomes an intellectual12
Marge befriends an artistic prisoner12
Comic Book Guy dates Agnes Skinner12
Homer & Marge buy a tennis court12
Sideshow Bob hypnotises Bart into killing Krusty12
Bart becomes in a boyband12
Homer goes on a hunger strike12
PlotEpisode NameSeries
Lisa proves bullying is chemical cos of nerd sweat12
The family visit Africa12
Marge cuts off Homer's thumb12
Ned opens a religious theme park in honour of Maude12
Homer runs kindergarten, but neglects his own kids12
Three traditional stories Simpsons-style12
Halloween special13
The judge rules Homer must be handcuffed to Bart13
Homer becomes a bartender after a fallout with Moe13
Mr Burns dates a much younger woman13
Flashback to when 12-year-old Homer found a corpse13
Lisa turns Buddhist13
The family get a social worker, Gabriel13
Marge protests to make sugar illegal13
Homer breaks his jaw and becomes a 13
Marge's old flame proposes to her13
Bart and Milhouse fight over a girl13
Bart helps a country star recover from alcoholism13
Bart helps Grampa find an old love13
Three classic stories - Simpsons style13
The family go to Brazil13
Homer becomes addicted to weed13
Homer-themed clip shoe13
Bart makes a cartoon about Homer's antics13
Apu cheats on his wife13
Lisa pretends she is a college student13
Homer & Marge are framed for a murder13
Homer and his friends take the law into their own hands13
Halloween special14
Homer goes to rockstar camp14
Bart is moved down a class, while Lisa is moved up14
Marge accidentally gets a boob job14
The family spent a month living in the 1800s14
Sideshow Bob helps Homer to find his potential murderer14
Skinner must decide whats more important - his mother or Edna14
Homer hires a private detective to find out more about Lisa14
Marge gets addicted to steroid14
PlotEpisode NameSeries
Homer starts praying to get everything he wants14
Bart moves out after he learns Homer spent his money14
Lisa enters a spelling bee14
Ned dates a Hollywood actress14
Krusty runs for Congress14
Homer becomes CEO of the power plant14
Lisa is angered because light pollution is ruining the night sky14
Homer moves out, and in with three gays14
The family live at a ranch for a week14
The dog becomes a town-wide star14
Homer sees the positive side of walking14
Bart becomes part of a Native American-style boy scouts14
Moe becomes good friends with Maggie14
Halloween special15
Grandma returns, but she is apparently killed15
Lisa becomes class president15
The family go on a holiday to London15
Homer develops a fear of bears15
Krusty finally has his Bar Mitzvah15
At X-Mas, Homer changes his selfish ways15
Springfield hates children, but Marge protests15
Homer & Bart enter a Robot Wars-style show15
Marge writes a book about feelings for Flanders15
Three historic events - Simpsons-style15
Milhouse moves to Capital City15
Maggie's IQ turns out to be higher than Lisa's15
Artie is living in the Simpsons' attic!15
Marge gets a drinking problem15
Bart gets put in borstal, where he is bullied15
Edna jilts Skinner at the altar after learning he doesn't want to marry her15
The kids ruin Homer & Marge's plan for a romantic vacation15
Homer becomes Pieman, a 'superhero'15
Flashback to Homer & Marge's first kiss15
Bart becomes public enemy no.1 after accidentally mooning the flag15
Lisa gets her own news show, but Bart becomes the star15

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