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Can you name the person these football chants are aimed at?

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Oh Jimmy Saville, he's ___ Dad
You eat dogs in your country
You're just a French Jimmy Saville
He cheats, he dives, he hates the Jackson 5
The baby's not yours
His dad washes elephants, his mum is a wh*re
He's fast as f**k, he's fast as f**k
When the girl says no, molest her
She said no, Oh ___, she said no
He'll shoot, he'll score, he'll eat your Labrador
He comes from Serbia, he'll f*cking murder ya
He swerves to the left, he swerves to the right, ***, his driving is sh*te
He drives how he wants, he drives how he wants, ___, he drives how he wants
He dives to the left, he dives to the right, we want Ben Foster back, cos ___ is sh*te
He dives to the left, he dives to the right, ___, shags ten birds a night
He plays on the left, he plays on the right, ___ makes England look sh*te
His wifes a Geordie sl*g
He's the white Cafu, with a sh*te tattoo
If you sell ___, I don't think you understand, that if you sell __, __, you're gonna have a riot on your hands
He's big and he's f**king hard
Who's that tw*t from Argentina, who's the money grabbing wh*re?
He's half a girl half a boy, _, He looks just like a transvestite, __
His name is ___, and he watches from the stands
You're just a fat Eddie Murphy
There's only two ____
You should've stayed on the telly
When the ball hits your head, and you're in Row Z, thats *
Sunday Monday, _, Tuesday Wednesday _
No woman, no Kai
Ten men went to lift, went to lift __, ten men and a forklift truck
Ten men went to bed, went to bed with __, ten men and a mobile phone
___ is a racist, he wears a Nazi hat, his mum will sell you cocaine, his dad will rob your flat
Don't blame it on Biscan, don't blame it on Finnan, don't blame it on Hammann, blame it on _

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