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Northern Irish National Football Stadium
British PM at the end of WW2
Longest River
Most populous city besides the Capitals
Briton who came up with the Theory of Evolution
The Home of Cricket
Hosts of Britain's got Talent
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Year the NHS was formed
Welsh National Football Stadium
Host of The Apprentice
4th in line to the throne
Most gold medals at Beijing 2008
Most read Newspaper
Highest Mountain
Most watched TV Channel
National Anthem
Famous Stratford-Born Playwright
Most listened to Radio Station
Only Brtion to win a medal at Vancouver 2010
Author of Great Expectations
Hosts of Strictly Come Dancing
British PM at the end of WW1
First female Prime Minister
English National Football Stadium
Largest National Park
Most watched Television Broadcast
British Actress with most Oscar Wins
Scottish National Football Stadium
Name of British Flag
Host of the X Factor
Biggest English County (Area)
Mayor of London
Best selling novelist of all time
British Actor with most Best Actor Oscar nominations
Highest Ranked UK University
British Singer or Group with most UK number ones
Briton who discovered Penicillin
Richest Briton
Year the English Civil War began
The oldest Golf Major
Owner of 'Virgin'

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