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QUIZ: Can you name the slang volleyball terms (according to their Wikipedia definitions)?

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A ball spiked very hard with a steep downward angle
A perfect set
An illegal set that is held excessively long, typically set from below the shoulders and seen in beach volleyball
A perfect pass
What a defending player should yell at the top of their lungs when successfully digging a very hard hit attack or perfectly passing a hard serve
A straight-down block for a point
When an attacker hits the ball over the top of any blockers
A mishit
A blind attack on the second contact by the setter of a team, usually with the right hand designed to land in the deep corner of the court
An offspeed shot contacted with the knuckles
An attack hit off the block and out of bounds for a point
When a player digs the ball by extending his or her hand flat on the floor, palm facing down, letting the ball bounce off the back of the hand
Back row only player wearing different colored jersey
When the ball is falling directly on top of the net, two opposing players jump and push against the ball, trying to push it onto the other's side
When a player unintentionally passes a ball in a wild manner, rendering it unplayable to his or her teammates
A serve that directly scores a point, either in bounds or touched once and out of bounds
A contact that results in a kill by a teammate
An offensive attack that results in a point
The greatest sport of all time

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