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Forced Order
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Red racecar-main character
Rusty American tow truck
British spy
Purple British spy who has wings
German weapons expert
Green lemon
Orange lemon
Famous American spy
Creater of Allinol and the WGP
British Spy Plane
Green Camper Van
Fillmore's best friend
Motorama Girl
Stanley's wife
Member of Trunkov Family
Head of Trunkov Family
Yellow Pacer who fights Finn
Head of the Pacer Family
Head of the Gremlin Family
Red Gremlin who Chases Mater
Head of the Hugo Family
Black Hugo
Spy Train
McQueen's girlfriend
Police Car from Radiator Springs
Italian F1 racer
American yellow racer
Blue French racer
Brazilian Female racer
Spanish Yellow racer
Purple/Black German racer
New Rearendian racer
Japanese racer
Green British racer
Black British racer
Finn's colleague who is compacted by the Lemons
Jeff Gorvette's Crew Chief
Lemon's Security Guard
Sumo Wrestler
Sumo Wrestler
British Taxi
Francesco's Crew Chief
Head of the Catholic Church
His form of transport
Double Decker Bus
Mater keeps having to tow him
British Monarch
Her Grandson
WGP fan, Mini Cooper
Boat who takes Finn to Lemons' oil rig
Queen's Guard
Big truck who Mater and McQueen tip
Luigi's Uncle
Luigi's Aunt
Yellow Italian Piaggio Ape Car who appears with Topolino
Lemons' big boat who tries to stop Crabby
Posh burgundy Italian car, eldest of seven
Serves Mater Wasabi
TV Presenter, looks like Tex Dinoco
Carla Veloso's Crew Chief
Scares Lightning and Mater off the railway tracks

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