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Can you name the best bits of The Inbetweeners?

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How many episodes are there in total?
What channel is The Inbetweeners shown on in the UK?
In addition to his 'actual briefcase' and 'clumpy shoes', why else did Simon initially want to avoid Will?
What is the surname of Will?
What is Neil's favourite dance move?
Who is the oldest in the group?
What is the exact make and model of the car owned by Simon?
Which childhood friend does Simon have a crush on?
...and what is her surname?
What is the name of the man in the pub who sits the the boys to enable them to buy alcohol, in the first episode?
In the final episode of the second series 'End of Term', Jay finally gets a girlfriend called...
Name one the places Neil has worked?
Who is the school bully?
What is the name of the French exchange student staying with Simon?
What is the nickname of Charlotte Hinchcliffe?
What is the nickname of Mr Kennedy?
Where is the field trip to in series 2?
What game does Neil play to prepare for his PE exam, in series 2?
Where do the boys work as part of the 'Duke of Edinburgh Award'?
Where has Jay's drug dealer friend gone in the episode 'The Gig and the Girlfriend'?
What nickname does Jay give his Nissan Micra?
What gift does Neil take on the trip to Warwick?
What is the name of Simon's girlfriend in series 3?
How many friends is Neil allowed to invite to his 18th birthday party?
What is the name of the girl Will goes out with in the episode, 'Will's Dilemma'?
What US landmark does Will liken his date to in the episode, 'Will's Dilemma'?
In Series 3, Gilbert gives Jay and Neil four weeks' detention after they mention what word?
What is the name of Jay's dog?
Where is Simon and his family moving to in the final episode?
Where is the first Inbetweeners movie set?

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Who Am I? Scientists, Mathematicians, and Inventors

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Science 6m
With all those ideas whizzing around in their heads, it's no wonder they can't keep track of their names.
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