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Roberts favorite football team
Tianas Favorite Plush Cats name
German Shepard and Beagle mix
The Resturant where Christian accidentally made a racist joke about the Muslim people sitting next to us
The Bunnys Original Name ( Hint: American Idol)
The most feared insect in this houise
Tianas Favorite Musical Band
Annies half/step brothers name
Annies assistant from work
The Blank Monkey was killed in a fight on a tree
How many Biscuits did billy have after he ate one
Tianas High School
Christians High School
Christians Favorite fruit smoothie
Christians Favorite football team
Annies Favorite Tv show when she is on Boogie Time fungus Lemonade call
Super Officiall food reviews
Cat That loved Fancey Feast
5 X 6
Tiana Crashed a car into a blank
Dog that weights over 80lbs
Christians Favorite Jedi
African Subsitue ( Christian and Tiana Bring him up a lot)
Tianas Fathers name
The Size of cristians new Tv
Tianas Favorite book
Creator of Earth
Christians Hit Song
Dad got hit by a blank when he was little
Annie boughter over 50 of these spanish treats

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