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Can you name the Nintendo Characters #3 ( By Description)?

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Hedgehog Animal Crossing
Pokemon Y Mascot
Pokemon X Mascot
Female Toad
Bowser's Magic Minion
Hare From Star Fox
Mario RPG Seven Stars Blue and Yellow Character
Fire Emblem Marth Clone
PK Freeze!
Rival of Pit
Antagonist of Kid Icarus Uprising
Leader of Star Wolf
Yoshi's Pink Mate
Mario Ghost
Antagonist Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland
Wario Ware Inc Girl
The Mysterious Murusame Castle Protagonist
Avatar Character Awakening
Pink Puff Pokemon
Blank Mario
Blank Link
Antagonist Majoras Mask
Oldest Playable Character Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
Minions of K Rool
Pre - Evolution of Pikachu
Evolved Starter Water 6th Generation
Ghost/Poison 1st Generation Pokken Tournament
Aura Pokemon
Green Dragon Pokemon
The creator of the pokemon universe

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