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Can you name the Nintendo Characters #2 ( By Description )?

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Purple Dragon Metroid
Bright yellow Dog Animal Crossing
Main Character in Fire Emblem Awakening
Main Character in Fire Emblem
Orange Tomboy Princess
Greedy and Large version of Mario
Sells Maps tied to a flying Balloon
Main Antagonist Kirby Series
Toad in Star Fox
First opponent Avalanche tournament
Aether Final Smash
Has a flipped L on his hat
Black being Twilight Princess
NES Shooter Dog and Duck
Release Date 1981
Umbra Witch
Green Shelled Turtle
Goddess of Kid Icarus
Main Protagonist of Fire Emblem Fates
Playable Characters Splatoon
Main Antagonist of Donkey Kong 64
Blank and Luma
Zelda's Gaurdian
Samus without her Armor
Main Protagonist in Earthbound
Son of Bowser
Blank Kong Racing
Peach's assistant Mushroom
Newcomer Smash bros 4 Animal Crossing
Evil Penguin from Kirby Series

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