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Red Plumber. Nintendo Mascot
Mario's Brother
The Princess of Hyrule
The Koopa King
Brown Raccoon
Green Dinosaur
Show your Moves!
Blank and Olimar
Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
Punch Out
Main Character in Metroid
Bird in Star Fox
Fox in Star Fox
Main Character in Wind Waker
Main character in Xenoblade Chronicles
Warrior of Hyrule
Pink puff ball (Not Jiggs)
Pokemon #151
First Member of the DK crew
Main character in Kid Icarus
Brown Mushroom
Kirby Characterl with Bandana and spear
NES Rides on Bike
DK Tropical Freeze Female playable Character
Pokemon Mascot
Starter Pokemon Fire/Flying Type
Warlock Punch
Toy that worked with NES
Nana and Popo

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