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What figure do you get if you add a gross and a baker's dozen?
What nickname do English football clubs Wigan Athletic and Oldham Athletic share?
Prior to granting independence in 1949, which European country had colonial rule over Indonesia?
Who sings the song that currently holds the record for most views on Youtube?
What is Victoria Beckham's maiden name?
Who preceded Margaret Thatcher as British Prime Minister?
What is the chemical name for the symbol Mn?
According to the 2010 Forbes Rich List, what nationality is the world's richest man, with a fortune of around $53.5bn?
Which rock band released the 1973 album 'The Dark Side of the Moon', recognisable for its iconic cover showing a triangular prism and rainbow of light?
Which motorway links London with Bristol and South Wales?
In which European city would you find the headquarters of Interpol?
German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen developed which medical advancement in 1895 that is still used today?
Who was British monarch for just nine days in July 1553?
At which Grand Prix was motorsport legend Ayrton Senna killed in a crash in May 1994?
Who won the 2001 Wimbledon Mens Title?
Before the introduction of the euro, what was the currency of Austria?
According to the latest UN report, which former Soviet state has a 100% literacy rate, the highest in the world?
In which ocean do the Seychelles lie?
Who wrote the book 'To Kill A Mockingbird' in 1960?
Who was the fascist leader of Italy during the Second World War?
Which nation won the Football World Cup in 1930 and 1950, but never since?
In which English county is the town of Luton?
Who created the Star Wars franchise?
The Victoria Falls lies on the border between Zambia and which other African country?
Which word with Japanese origins is used in English to describe a wealthy business leader?
Which British singer has his own fashion label named 'Rokstarr'?
Complete the name of a famous British beer: Newcastle _____ Ale
In which state is the US city of Chicago?
Which word can follow 'Carriage-' and 'Free-'?

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