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Darius II decides to act in the interest of the Spartans and give them financial support
Nicias and Demosthenes executed
Corinth attacks Corcyra, retreat after Athens engage
6/8 of the Athenian Leaders at Arginusae executed for failing to recover all bodies
Carystus forced to join the Delian League
Battle of Abydos- Athens vs Sparta, Athenian Victory
Aegina forced to join the Delian League
Lesbos, led by Myltilene, revolts from Athens
Brasidas refuses to return Scione to Athens, as the truce dictated
Sparta ask for armistice- Cleon wants better terms
Corinth urges other Peloponnesians to petition Sparta to declare war
Battle of Aegospotami- Spartan victory, 170 ships taken and all Athenian troops slaughtered
Battle of Mantinea- Spartan Victory
Athens order Potidaea to take down their defences due to fear of revolt
Mantinea also makes an agreement with Sparta
Athens do not like the new Spartan-Boeotian alliance- Alcibiades now sponsors an alliance of Athens, Argos, Mantinea and Ellis
Athens sends troops to Persian controlled Egypt
Brasidas enters Thrace with the Neodamodeis and 1700 troops to try and inspire revolts
Battle of Delium(Boeotia)- Boeotia are victorious
Sparta use the tactic of Epiteichismos on Decelea- blocks the Athenian supply routes from Euboea
Argos makes a 50 Year Peace with Sparta
Athenian troops routed by Persians in Egypt
Athens sends a fleet of inexperienced rowers to meet the Peloponnesian fleet, but they are defeated and then slaughtered by the Eretrian locals when they retreated
Callicratidas successfully blockades the Athenian commander Conon at Mytilene
Athens position themselves at Aegospotami, near the Hellespont
Full Democracy restored to Athens
Demagogue Athenian Fleet sails to Samos after a democratic revolution there
Cyrus recalled by Darius II, but gives as much money as possible to Lysander before he leaves
Sparta reject Cleon's terms of returning the places that Athens gave up in the 30 Year Peace
Rebellion in Egypt
Euboea revolts from the control of Athens
Lysander reinstated
Naval battle between Corinth and Corcyra off Leucimme
Corinth tries to organise an alliance with Argos, Mantinea and Ellis
End of the Peloponnesian Wars
Battle of Arginusae- Massive Athenian Victory- Sparta lose 77 ships, Callicratidas killed
Cleonymos Decree- Tightened up the collection of tribute
Alcibiades recalled to Athens
Pharnabazus(Satrap of the Hellespont)pays to rebuild the Peloponnesian Fleet- takes 3 years
Datis and Artaphrenes' Expedition
Lysander appointed commander of the Spartan forces
Battle of Thermopylae
Sparta counter and occupy Sphacteria
Before the start of the campaign, Alcibiades is summoned home for impropriety
Sparta appoint Brasidas as their new leader
Battle of Amphipolis- Athens have heavy casualties, Sparta only have 7. Both Cleon and Brasidas killed
Sparta chooses to support Chios, who had asked for Spartan support to revolt
Epidamnus seeks help from Corcyra after a local conflict
Cleon sails north and takes Torone
Battle of Cynossema- Athens vs Sparta, Athenian Victory
Athens lands 800 hoplites and 70 ships on Sphacteria and overpower the Spartans
Plague inside Athens- 1/3 of the population dies
End of the Sicilian Expedition
Battle of Plataea
Athens refuse peace offering
Sparta tries to pursuade Boeotia to give them control of Panactum by allying with them
Alcibiades delegates command of the Athenian fleet to Antiochus- Ordered not to engage with Persia
Peace of Callias agreed with Persia
Sparta ask for peace again- rejected by Cleophon
Battle of Cyzicus- Athens vs Sparta, Athenian Victory- Mindarus dies
Athens overtaken by an oligarchic coup- government replaced with a new government of 400
Darius sends heralds to all Greek states asking for earth and water
Antiochus disobeys orders, sails to Ephesus where the Peloponnesian Fleet was held- 15 ships lost, Antiochus killed
Earthquake hits Sparta
Final offer of Peace by Sparta
Spartan invasion of Athens only lasts 15 days
Pericles dies of plague
Athens votes to support Egesta, sending 60 ships to Sicily under Alcibiades, Lamachus and Nicias
Alcibiades banished by Athens
Athens uses the tactic of Epiteichismos at Pylos
Samos revolts from Athens- Athens wins and Samos becomes tribute paying state
Treasury to Delian League moved to Athens
30 year peace agreed between Sparta and Athens
Nicias, the Athenian Commander, sails north, takes Mende and attacks Scione
Athenian Reply- Defends Imperialism
Death of Darius- Succeeded by Xerxes
Battle of Eurymedon
Sparta comes to the help of Epidaurus after after they were attacked by Argos
Chalkis Degree
Under the advice of Pericles, everyone in Greece shelters behind the walls with livestock sent to Euboea
Battle of Artemisium
Formation of the Delian League
Erection of Serpent Column in Delphi
Mardonius' Expedition
5 year peace agreed between Sparta and Athens
Sparta invades Western Attica, withdraw after being bribed by Pericles
Thoudippos Decree- Amount of talent taken from allies increased from 600 to 1460
Battle of Tanagra
Helot Revolt
Brasidas turns Amphipolis by offering them freedom
Athens refuse a Spartan offer of peace, led by Cleophon
Battle of Marathon
Corcyra asks Athens for help, scared of other attacks
After a disastrous campaign, Nicias surrenders to Gylippus
Lysander replaced with Callicratidas
Pericles sends 100 ships to to raid the coast of the Peloponnese
Lesbos received into the Peloponnesian League
Sparta and Persia make a formal alliance
Peace of Nicias made between Athens and Sparta
Under Mindarus, Sparta move their operations to the Hellespont- can intercept Athenian grain deliveries
Athens supports Amphilochia and Arconia against Corinth-related Ambracia
Mytilenian Debate- Athens initially votes to slaughter the population, however revoked the following day
Egesta asks Athens for help in their conflict with Selinus, who were backed by Syracuse
Potidaea revolts with help of Corinthian army
These forces are met by an Argive army who had hoped to take over Tegea
Athens give Sparta the option of surrender, which they accept
Sparta sends forces into the Northern Peloponnese to stop other cities from falling
Truce agreed between Athens and Sparta
Peloponnesian fleet is sent to Oropus in Euboea, opposite Eretria, to inspire them to revolt
Battle of Oenophyta
Longest invasion of the Peloponnese- lasts 30 years
Battle of Mycale
Athenian oligarchy of 400 is replaced with a more moderate oligarchy of 5000
Alcibiades, now at Sparta, inspires revolts at Chios and Miletus
Sparta invades Attica
Battle of Salamis
Athens reinforces the Long Walls
Treaty of Boeotius between Sparta and Persia- Not universally accepted to have happened
Athens refuses to revoke the Megarian Decree
Cimon ostracised from Athens for 10 years

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