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Can you name the 47 species of bats native to the United States?

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Scientific NameCommon NameState(s)
Antrozous pallidusWest of the Mississippi River
Artibeus jamaicensisFlorida
Choeronycteris mexicanaCA,AZ,NM,TX
Corynorhinus rafinesquiiSoutheastern states
Corynorhinus townsendiiWV,KY,TX,NM,AZ,CO,WY,MT,ID,NV,CA
Eptesicus fuscus48 continuous states
Euderma maculatumRocky Mountain states
Eumops floridanusFlorida
Eumops perotisCA,NV,AZ,NM,TX
Eumops underwoodiArizona
Idionycteris phyllotisAZ,NM
Lasionycteris noctivagansAll states except Hawaii
Lasiurus blossevilliiWest of the Mississippi River
Lasiurus borealisEast of the Mississippi River
Lasiurus cinereus48 continuous states
Lasiurus egaTexas
Lasiurus intermediusSoutheastern states
Lasiurus seminolusSoutheastern states
Lasiurus xanthinusCA,AZ,NM,TX
Leptonycteris nivalisTexas
Leptonycteris yerbabuenaeAZ,NM
Macrotus californicusCA,AZ
Molossus molossusFL,TX
Mormoops megalophyllaTX,NM,AZ
Scientific NameCommon NameState(s)
Myotis auriculusNM,AZ
Myotis austroripariusSoutheastern states
Myotis californicusWA,OR,AK,ID,NV,CO,NM,AZ,CA,UT,TX
Myotis ciliolabrumMT,ID,ND,SD,NE,KS,OK,NM,CO,UT
Myotis evotisRocky Mountain states
Myotis grisescensAL,GA,MS,FL,NC,VA,WV,KY,TN,OH,IN,IL,MO
Myotis keeniiWA,AK
Myotis leibiiNortheastern states
Myotis lucifugusAll states except Hawaii
Myotis melanorhinusCA,AZ,NM,TX,OK,CO,UT,NV,ID,OR,WA
Myotis occultusAZ,CA,NM,TX,CO
Myotis septentrionalisMidwestern & Northeastern states
Myotis sodalisEast of the Mississippi River
Myotis thysanodesWest of the Mississippi River
Myotis veliferKS,OK,TX,NM,AZ
Myotis volansRocky Mountains states & Alaska
Myotis yumanensisRocky Mountains states & Alaska
Nycticeius humeralisSoutheastern states
Nyctinomops femorosaccusCA,AZ,NM,TX
Nyctinomops macrotisCA,AZ,NM,TX,UT,CO
Parastrellus hesperusSouthwestern states
Perimyotis subflavusStates East of the Mississippi River & Texas
Tadarida brasiliensisAllSouthern states California to N. Carolina

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