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QUIZ: Can you name the Top 20 Industrial Chemicals Produced In The USA?

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Description ChemicalProduced In 10.9kg
Highly corrosive mineral acid39.62
Organic compound found in gasoline25.15
Inorganic compound used in water and sewer treatment 20.12
Inorganic acid used for rust removal16.16
Colorless but pungent compound used in fertilizers and household cleaning products15.03
Thermoplastic polymer used in packaging,textiles,plastics14.45
Chemical element used to make household cleaning products and for water treatment12.01
A corrosive metallic compound used to make soaps,detergents,drain cleaner10.99
Compound used as a water softener and glass production10.21
Used as a refrigerant and as local anesthetic in medicine9.92
Description ChemicalProduced In 10.9kg
Highly corrosive acid used in the production of fertilizers,explosives and gold extraction7.49
Highly combustible compound used to make nitroglycerin and other explosives6.96
Organic chemical compound found in human urine; also made synthetically for use in fertilizers,plastics,detergents5.97
Organic compound that is very important in the petrochemical and plastic industries5.41
Compound used for manufacturing plastics,rubber,resins4.34
Used in the cotton industry as well as the technology industry to produce semiconductors3.87
Highly toxic material but critical in the production of detergents,solvents,plastics3.87
Organic compound used as a constituent of crude oil and refined fuels3.74
Compound found in fertilizers,insecticides,herbicides2.60
Industrial chemical used as a monomer for the production of rubber2.01

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