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Can you name the greatest armageddon/end of the world movies of all time?

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YearMovie TitleActor/Actress in Movie
1964George C. Scott
1956Kevin McCarthy
1978Ken Foree
1984Linda Hamilton
1951Patricia Neal
2006Clive Owen
1964Henry Fonda
1978Donald Sutherland
1981Mel Gibson
1991Robert Patrick
1968Duane Jones
1982Kurt Russell
2004Simon Pegg
2013Chris Evans
1968Charlton Heston
1995Bruce Willis
2009Jesse Eisenberg
2002Cillian Murphy
2012Jennifer Lawrence
1998Don McKellar
2013Seth Rogan
1953Gene Barry
2004Sarah Polley
YearMovie TitleActor/Actress in Movie
2011Kirsten Dunst
2013Josh Hutcherson
1991Dominique Pinon
2013Nick Frost
1999Keanu Reeves
2001Jude Law
2011Matt Damon
2012Alexis Diaz de Villegas
1983Jane Alexander
1983Christopher Walken
1975Don Johnson
1999Ben Affleck
2012Karl Urban
2011James Franco
2013Brad Pitt
1989Anthony Edwards
1985James Karen
2013Nicholas Hoult
2007Jeremy Renner
1979Mel Gibson
2003Laurence Fishburne
1985Tina Turner
2003Isabelle Huppert
2007Will Smith
2010Whitney Able

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