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Can you name the state from the description of its flag?

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Vertical blue stripe containing a single star with a white and red horizontal stripe.
Red background with a large diamond in the center.
Blue flag with large golden seal depicting a lake, hills, and a metal worker.
Buff yellowish flag with 'Liberty And Prosperity' on a ribbon; above is the coat of arms.
White background with red bars and the great seal in the center.
Coat of arms depicting a pine tree, cow, and hay bails centered on a blue flag.
White flag with a blue border; centered is the coat of arms surrounded by big laurels.
This state flag has a large pelican.
Flag that depicts a palmetto tree and a crescent moon.
Blue flag with coat of arms with a pine tree, moose, seaman, and farmer.
Mostly red flag with a large blue circle with 3 stars inside.
Blue flag with two people embracing in the center.
Blue, white, red striped flag; centered is a bald eagle with a ribbon in its mouth.
White flag with an anchor surrounded by 13 stars.
A large 'C' is centered to the left on this flag.
Only flag that contains the British Union Jack.
The little dipper and the north star are on this flag.
Blue flag that has 'The Mount Rushmore State' written on it.
Flag with white background with a simple red cross.
Blue flag centered with the state seal that has farmer plowing a field and a Native American riding a horse.
3 grape vines are centered on the seal of this flag.
This is only flag to have a pennant or swallowtail design.
White flag with a large bald eagle holding a shield in its claw.
Centered with a large copper star, blue bottom, red & yellow stripes on top.
Blue flag with coat of arms surrounded by 2 black horses and a bald eagle.
On this blue flag there is an elk, moose, and a bald eagle.
Blue flag; state name on the top; state seal in center; year admitted to the union on the bottom.
Blue flag with large state seal and below a ribbon of former state flags.
Unique flag with four quadrants; 2 are red & white and 2 are black & yellow.
Blue flag with a sunflower on the top; below is the seal and the state name.
Blue flag with gold torch surrounded by 19 stars.
Osage warrior's shield with feathers centered on a blue flag.
Blue flag with bald eagle hovering over 2 U.S. flags and a beehive.
Blue flag with a great seal that has a miner, lady liberty, and an elk.
A ribbon with 'Battle Born' on top of a blue background.
December 7, 1787 is located on the bottom of this blue flag.
Green flag with a circular seal depicting a former president.
Flag that has a large buffalo in the center.
Blue flag with the centered great seal depicting mountains and the Great Falls of the Missouri River.
Only state flag to have different designs on each side.
Horizontal blue, white, red stripes with two grizzly bears on each side of the state shield.
Part of this flag is the Confederate battle flag.
Letters N & C with a star in between are located on the left side of this flag.
Blue flag with a large bald eagle grasping an olive branch and bundle of arrows.
Blue flag with state seal containing laurel leafs & 9 stars encircling a ship.
Blue flag with the centered great seal depicting the Roman goddess Virtus.
Yellow flag with the centered Zia Pueblo symbol for the sun.
White flag with an Algonquin Native American on a blue shield.
A grizzly bear and a single star.
Blue flag with a centered state shield with lady justice on one side and lady liberty on the other.

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