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Lynx found in southwestern Europe
Largest of the pig family
Porpoise found only in the Gulf of California
Fish that has a blob jellylike appearance
Large bird...national symbol
Armored animal found throughout the Americas
Bear that is native to Asia
Fox+Sand=large eared fox living in deserts
Wolf that looks more like a jackal or fox
Rarest of all sea birds
Fastest of all shark species
Also known as the Owl Parrot
Wolf that lives in the US southwest & Mexico
Largest of the primate family
Large primate found in southeast Asia
One of two types of the largest land mammal
Tamarin that has a reddish color
Falcon endangered due to the pesticide DDT
Fish only found in the Caspian Sea
Worlds largest reptile.....think dragon
Large sea mammal found in river inlets or close to land
Rabbit with very large ears and lives in South Africa
Second largest whale
Dog found in the wild
Owl that lives in the US southwest & Mexico
Smallest of the five rhino species
Shark that can swim in freshwater rivers
Dolphin also known as the Baiji
Medium size cat common to North America
Worlds largest freshwater turtle
One of two types of the largest land mammal
Fox that is found in the far north
Boa found only on Round Island in the Indian Ocean
Largest wolf in the world
Fish that is considered a living fossil
Rhino species found in southern Africa
Leopard living in southeast Asia
Turtle found only in tropical coral reefs
Small cat in high elevations in South America
Gibbon that is silver gray in color
Leopard found in high elevations in Asia
All types of this largest cat are endangered.
Largest living animal in the world
Large shark found in colder waters
Colorful frog found in Australia
Cat+Sand=a small cat living in deserts
If a dolphin belonged to Hector, it would be called...
Found only in the wild in China

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