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Black Sea Beaches, 19th Century Architecture, Cheap Ski Venues
Beer, Ice Hockey, Separated from Slovakia in 1993
Lego, Hans Christian Andersen Birthplace, Greenland
The Pope, Catholicism, St. Peters Cathedral
Dalmatian Islands, Roman Ruins, Zagreb
Chisinau, Cave Monastery of Orheiul Vechi, Wine Tours
Endangered European Bison, Tyrannical Government, Soviet-Era Architecture
Tbilisi, Mountain Dancing, Stalin was born here
Fish & Chips, Afternoon Tea, Buckingham Palace
Vodka, Nesting Dolls, Tomb of Lenin
Historical Wooden Churches, Thermal Springs, Separated from Czech Republic in 1993
Mozart, Hapsburg Palaces, Apple Strudel
Wife-Carrying World Champions, Very Anti-Russia, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Colonization of Brazil, Sardines, Earthquake of 1755
Guinness Beer, Potatoes, Leprechauns
Notre Dame, Louvre, Mont Blanc
Chernobyl, Yalta, Milla Jovovich Birthplace
Ljubljana, Mount Triglav, Soca River
Fjords, Vikings, Pickled Herring
Tulips, Cheese, Windmills
Lowest Birth Rate In Europe, Black Balsams Liquor, Riga's Castles
The Running of the Bulls, Siestas, Flamenco Dancers
IKEA, Greta Garbo Birthplace, Constitutional Monarchy
1984 Sarajevo Olympics, White Water Rafting, Mostar's Old Bridge
Ferrari, Pompeii, Wine
The Parthenon, 2004 Olympic Games, Thousands of Islands
The Bosphorus, Spans 2 Continents, Majority Muslim Population
Reindeer, Nokia Headquarters, Ice Fishing
Bjork Birthplace, The Land of Fire and Ice, Whale Watching
Temple of St. Sava, Nightlife in Belgrade, The Exit Festival
Watches, The Alps, Chocolate
Antwerp, Godiva Chocolate, The Atomium
Grace Kelly, Tax Haven, Prince Albert
Basketball, Initiated the Collapse of the USSR, Last Country in Europe to Adopt Christianity
Pope John Paul Birthplace, Marie Curie Birthplace, Frederic Chopin Birthplace
Mother Theresa, Tirana, Flag has a Double Headed Eagle
Dracula, Gypsies, Carpathian Mountains
General George Patton is Buried here, WWII Battle of Ardennes, Medieval Castles
Bratwurst, Autobahns, BMW
Roma Music, Paprika, Harry Houdini Birthplace

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