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World's largest producer of opium.
Country with the largest solar power capacity.
World's largest cinnamon producer.
Country that has the lowest point below sea level.
Largest wine and grape producer.
Country that has the most karate world championships.
World's largest cherry producer.
Country with the most people in prison.
Country that has the most equal income distribution.
Largest tea exporter.
Produces more olives than any other country.
More platinum and chromium are produced here than any other country.
Country that has the most forested land area.
More coconuts come from this country than any other.
Most peaceful country according to Global Peace Index.
Least densely populated country.
Largest producer of avocados.
This country produces more vanilla than any other.
Country with the highest suicide rate.
Largest producer of films in the world.
Most environmental conscious country.
Highest consumption of tobacco per capita.
Country that has the most northern point in the world.
Country that uses more nuclear power than any other.
Highest consumption of coffee per capita.
Highest consumption of beer per capita.
Largest producer of emeralds.
Produces more carbon dioxide emissions than any other country.
Largest producer of copper in the world.
This country has the longest coastline in the world.

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