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Can you name the 50 most impactful, important and most admired gay movies of all time?

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1.(2007) Trevor Wright
2.(2005) Jake Gyllenhaal
3.(1975) Susan Sarandon
4.(1996) Glen Berry
5.(2003) Wes Ramsey
6.(2011) Tom Cullen
7.(1994) Hugo Weaving
8.(2009) Colin Firth
9.(2008) Sean Penn
10.(1987) Rupert Graves
11.(1996) Nathan Lane
12.(1998) Ben Silverstone
13.(1991) River Phoenix
14.(2004) Joseph Gordon-Levitt
15.(1999) Christian Campbell
16.(1985) Daniel Day-Lewis
17.(2000) Arye Gross
18.(1989) Mary-Louise Parker
19.(2001) John Cameron Mitchell
20.(1995) Patrick Swayze
21.(2005) Felicity Huffman
22.(1998) Ian McKellen
23.(1988) Matthew Broderick
24.(1970) Kenneth Nelson
25.(2004) Robert Stadlober
27.(1995) Steven Weber
28.(1993) Denzel Washington
29.(2002) Julianne Moore
30.(2009) Manolo Cardona
31.(2009) Jim Carrey
32.(1986) Steve Buscemi
33.(1997) Clive Owen
34.(1998) Ewan McGregor
35.(2000) Timothy Olyphant
36.(1972) Divine
37.(2000) Javier Bardem
38.(1998) Tina Holmes
39.(1999) Natasha Lyonne
40.(2010) Christopher Plummer
41.(2005) Taye Diggs
42.(1994) Tom Wilkinson
43.(1982) Kate Jackson
44.(2002) Larry Sullivan
45.(1994) Russell Crowe
46.(1992) Forest Whitaker
47.(1982) Julie Andrews
48.(2009) Lucas Ferraro
26.(2010) James Franco
49.(1997) Jason Alexander
50.(2008) Tanner Cohen

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